Circle.One — Make Informed Decisions! Make More Money! Circle.One — Make Informed Decisions! Make More Money!

Limassol, Cyprus (March 8, 2018) — Circle.One is a blockchain-based marketplace for data, analytics and research. Become a Circle decision maker and reserve your CLC tokens now. ICO starting in Q2/18.

The scientific and research market is crying for disruption.

Important research remains unpublished while the quality of mainstream scientific journals is rapidly sinking.

Researchers lack relevant data, while the number of possible data sources is exploding at the same time, thanks to IoT sensors and the increased digitalization. Most of this data never gets used and is locked up in company data centers.

Circle.One will offer world class data, analytics and research that are:

  • easy to find
  • rated by users just like you
  • instantly available
  • with a fee-less payment system

CIRCLE.ONE – make informed decisions! Make more money!

A working, blockchain-powered proof of concept was already developed by the experienced in-house developers. CIRCLE.ONE is going full blast to bring this project to fruition.

‘Big Industry players like financial services, medical research, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or consumer statistics are based on data and research. These industries have great purchasing power and are able to spend tens of thousands of dollars on information, when it is essential for their business and decision-making process. Circle.One delivers this kind of information and provides the data and research needed. The ease of use and scope offered make us the Amazon of data, analytics and research,’ said Walter Komarek, CEO and co-founder of Circle.One.

Join our ICO

Starting on 8th of March, Circle.One will accept selected investors for its private pre-sale.

Circle.One’s token is called CLC. CLC is a QRC20 token on the Qtum blockchain.

Our public ICO will start in Q2/18.

Main ICO details

There will never be more than 500.000.000 CLCs .

Limited bonuses are negotiated on a one to one basis during the private pre-sale phase.

The CLC token will be used to pay for all aspects of CIRCLE.ONE’s ecosystem.

The token’s value will appreciate substantially, as demand for the network grows. And more and better quality is on offer.

CLC tokens are the only currency accepted on CIRCLE.ONE. So trade volume and demand should remain high.

Expect monthly news from CIRCLE.ONE’s team about the development, which will have a positive impact on exchange prices.

Want to get more details about the upcoming Circle.One ICO? Visit our official website: or join the Telegram channel:

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