Win-Win Platform for Viewers and Filmmakers! Win-Win Platform for Viewers and Filmmakers! (pronounce like CinemaWelcome) is a revolutionary social platform of online cinemas which uses Internet Video Co-Viewing and pays for watching movies! was launched in 2014 as an Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV) platform targeted at filmmakers chasing their big break in the digital world. The company has prepared version 2.0 which leverages blockchain technology to shape a new vision aimed at rewarding both filmmakers and viewers! 2.0 is on the verge of creating a decentralized social platform of online cinemas. The goal is to bring filmmakers and avid viewers from around the globe in one place. Through its IVCV model, the company allows an unlimited number of users to watch the same movie at the same time from one virtual theater.

As opposed to conventional video content platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, will enable filmmakers to make a profit and get recognized by selling tickets to their premiers, set their own prices and dates, gain access to analytics and access in-depth viewer feedback and viewing audience.’s social video co-viewing concept was launched four years ago when posting long, movie-like videos on social channels like Facebook, and allowing people to interact was not yet made possible. Allegedly, Facebook wanted to buy CinemaWell in 2014 for $95 mln, a Crunchbase report highlighted at the time.

The Sale is live now, and it will last until February 28, with one ApplauseCash (APLC) token estimated at 0.0011 ETH. Price of tokens encreases each week. Soft cap was reached in the first hour of pre-ICO.

To download their Whitepaper, and for more information visit the site.

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Company contacts: Liliya Valihun, CEO


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