ChronoBase Will Run A Token Pre-Sale To Protect Your Watch With A Blockchain Technology ChronoBase Will Run A Token Pre-Sale To Protect Your Watch With A Blockchain Technology

The world’s first decentralized luxury watch database – ChronoBase – announces its token pre-sale, which will start on March 27th. Thanks to this database, the owners of luxury watches will be able to price them accordingly and claim ownership on the spot, while manufacturers and dealers will be able to prove the ‘clean’ origin of watches.

ChronoBase is based on the modern blockchain technology called a decentralized database. The system will generate an Ethereum-based certificate that cannot be falsified. Moreover, users can check whether the watch is stolen and find out if it is already in use to avoid a fraud.

The Etherum-based blockchain technology makes any manipulations with the data impossible — what the user has put into the system remains safely guarded. The technology enables ChronoBase to keep and verify the whole ownership history of the watch, making it available to users anywhere in the world, in just a few clicks. All you need to do is to enter the brand name, model, and serial number.

Andreas Fleischer, ChronoBase CEO, says: ‘Luxury watches are not just an accessory; it is also an investment. As well as artworks, any watch increases in price over time. Therefore, keeping as much information about the luxury watch as possible is extremely important, whatever it takes. This is possible even in case of a loss or theft. How? Thanks to blockchain technology and ChronoBase service.’

ChronoBase partners receive access to all profitable features: watches registration and ownership confirmation with original documents; lost or stolen watches search; verified information on watches history, age, ownership; maintenance, repair, restoration or any other service registration.

From April 11th to June 5th ChronoBase will be selling the tokens of its platform, the sale is followed by the pre-sale from March 27th to April 5th. 100 million tokens are issued for sale. The initial price for 1 BASE is 0.1 USD. The BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies will be accepted.

About ChronoBase

ChronoBase is a reliable and easily accessible database with the information on thousands of luxury watches, which can be registered by manufacturers, dealers, owners etc. The project has the modern blockchain technology — a decentralized database — as its cornerstone. The whole watches life cycle, from manufacturing to end usage, can now be recorded in the blockchain. For more information visit the site.

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