ChronoBank to Partner with Jobeum – a Blockchain-based Platform for the Recruitment Market

Jobeum – a blockchain based recruitment platform and ChronoBank will join hands to make use of the complementary innovation each offers hence driving growth and greater public adoption.

In a world where candidates have become consumers, talent acquisition teams have to go beyond a single source or method to find and engage great talent especially when recruiters cannot find candidates with the proper skills at specific locations and candidates do not have incentives to be visible on the job market. Additionally, statistics indicate that people no longer wait for the right jobs to fall into their laps; modern candidates constantly keep an eye out for new opportunities. 91% of people in the labor force are either actively looking or are open to a new job, with 76% looking for jobs at least monthly. And that’s where Jobeum, a decentralized blockchain-based network, comes in to give incentives to job candidates for them to be visible to recruiters.

And now with the partnership between Jobeum and Chronobank, the recruitment space will indeed be revolutionised. This is a perfect match since Jobeum seeks to create a professional network like LinkedIn but blockchain-based while ChronoBank seeks to create a blockchain-based marketplace for the recruitment space.

Introducing Jobeum

Jobeum is an Ethereum-based platform that tracks millions of transactions in real-time and records them on the blockchain network. It allows candidates to have a rock-solid profile with confirmed skills which can be reliably used to find new jobs. Recruiters will benefit from being able to find qualified candidates and share the rewards with the candidates themselves. The platfom leverages blockchain technology to build real-world solutions that demand the use of a token. Jobeum has no direct dependency on the price of bitcoin or Ethereum tokens instead the value of Jobeum tokens is solely dependent on the number of transactions within the network and how much demand it will create, that is, the functional applications and use cases for users and businesses.

Big corporations or rather intermediaries normally control professional networks and take charges to find candidates and deliver messages to applicants. Recruiters in these also bore individuals with unwanted messages, calls, and emails that do not interest them. But Jobeum intends to give every qualified candidate a level playing ground during the recruitment process and ability to earn JobTokens while providing access to their information or performing certain actions upon recruiters’ requests.

Jobeum secures candidates’ profiles, information and excludes intermediaries, hence no issues related with recruitment fraud. It is tailored for the recruitment market; recruiters and applicants can exchange data, promoting communications before the start of the hiring party. It will support transparent recording of information exchange and particular talent target mechanism in real-time.

How it works

Jobeum promises a complete overhaul of the recruitment market, with better user reception and engagement. Candidates can trust every recruitment placement on the network and are targeted by recruiters that fit into their profile descriptions. People are always looking for opportunities in workplaces, with the same opinion in career growth, salary expectations, work-life balance, and Jobeum can help them  giving an ability to earn [JobToken] based on their profiles within the system. Recruiters and candidates see Jobeum as a longed-for development because it aligns the interest of both parties, prompting recruiters to be actionable about their policies. Candidates earn tokens when they show their information or profile to a recruiter and are rewarded for taken tests or after referring another candidate. Jobeum tokens (JBT Tokens) will be used to perform transactions on the network. The tokens are created to enforce agreements between publishers, candidates, and recruiters.

There is access approval when a recruiter takes permission from a candidate to view information.

A referral is paid, when a referred candidate applies for an open position and gets the job.

Job offer acceptance- a candidate finds a vacancy published by a recruiter, applies for it and successfully goes through the interview process, is finally hired – then gets a bonus from the recruiter. Various steps in the recruitment process will be automated via smart contracts and as a result, the hiring process will become much more transparent.

Candidates are not treated as mere job seekers, but part of the community as they contribute to the network growth through tests taken and referrals. Trusted recommendations from users will not only grow the network but will create happy employees and satisfied employers.

JBT tokens will be issued using the ERC20 token standard. Token sale period will be between November 21, 2017 to February 06, 2018. The token pre-sale has already started, feel free to participate. 100% of the tokens will be issued within the token sale period. Purchase methods accepted: ETH. Price of 1 JBT = 0.001 ETH.

Company name: Jobeum

Company site:

Company contacts: Vitaly Obernikhin, CEO


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