Chibi Fighters & Gameunculus Giveaway

Chibi Fighters & Gameunculus Giveaway

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Gameunculus has set the goal of flooding our cryptogaming universe with giveaways and his offsprings. Meet our new partner, Chibi Fighters, and some fully unique and totally purple Gameunculus Chibis!

Where Gameunculus Chibis came from

Once upon a time Gameunculus wanted to test himself. He went to the Chibiland and joined these fierce little warriors in battles and other men’s entertainment activities. He made friends with lots of Chibis and even made some blood oaths declaring their friendship. How could Gameunculus know that Chibi babies are made exactly that way?!

There’s nothing to undo, cause Gameunculus Chibis have already been born, and we are going to give them away to our devoted readers. Gameunculus Chibis were added to the standard pool of Chibis and can be found under Normal Chibis [here].

They can spawn at anytime when a player is buying a Chibi. Parts of them can spawn during fusions between players.

How to win a Gameunculus Chibi

It’s the simplest giveaway ever, cause real fighters (and that’s us!) enjoy complications only on the battlefield. We’re starting today, February 1st, and will select the winners on February 8th.

What should you do to win?

  1. Subscribe to Gameunculus’s newsletter [here]. Please make sure that you fill in your email correctly, otherwise you won’t be able to receive your prize (and we’d love to keep these fierce Gameunculus Chibis for ourselves).
  2. We’ll send you a letter from Write an answer (anything you like, just to show us that you aren’t a bot).

The number of Chibis will depend on the number of participants. For every 10 participants we’ll add 1 Chibi to our prize pool. For example, if 20 participants meet the conditions, we’ll give away 2 Chibis; if 30 – 3 Chibis, and so on. The maximum amount is 10 Chibis. Chibis will be distributed randomly among the participants.

Good luck to all of you, and don’t forget to subscribe your parents, mates, ex-girlfriends and fish in the tank to our newsletter!

For more information, head to the Gameunculus Giveaway page.

About Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters is a blockchain based game which is live on Ethereum and is launching on TRON in March 2019. Chibis are fearless warriors who can battle, fight bosses, go to adventures, level and gear up. In addition, they are collectible ERC-721 tokens that can be easily traded.

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