Buying ALT Tokens from Altair VR Offers Special Advantages Buying ALT Tokens from Altair VR Offers Special Advantages

Since last year, the volume of content sales in the virtual reality market has grown threefold. What’s more, SuperData Research forecasts that over the next two years the total sales volume for content in this domain will reach 40 billion dollars. Given these circumstances, the future of the Altair VR project looks very promising.

In seven years of working in the supplemental education industry, Altair VR has built the biggest network of mobile planetariums in Russia and the CIS. Thanks to that project, over half a million children have been introduced to astronomy over this period. In early 2017, the Amazing Cinema app was launched, and has already been downloaded by over 300 thousand people.

In the summer of last year, the company began offering franchises for virtual planetariums, which are already operating in 15 cities. The next step is to create a Virtual Encyclopedia for all natural sciences and for various uses, where anyone who wants to can create their own content and share their interpretation of knowledge.

According to, last year over 165 million dollars were raised through ICOs in Gaming & VR. Furthermore, various analysts forecast a doubling or tripling of funds raised in this particular domain.

When choosing a project to invest in, however, in addition to the clear market appeal, it is worth looking at the additional advantages offered by the crowdsale initiators.

Altair VR’s Special Offer

For example, Altair VR’s ITO has additional advantages due to the token’s particular economics and varied functionality, making it useful for various groups of users.

First, it is expected that in the community there will be numerous microtransactions among various participants, such as users, writers, content creators, and moderators.

It is for those transactions that the ALT Token will be used, which will not only lower commissions for using the platform, but also serve as an internal unit of settlement.

Second, access to the platform’s apps will only be granted to users who hold ALT tokens.
Third, in order to obtain a franchise, one would have to first purchase ALT tokens on an exchange, which will stimulate the use of the token in various countries where the franchise will operate.
Fourth, having a token will also offer the ability to share one’s own ideas and scenarios, as well as vote for other people’s content. Therefore, in order to actively participate in the life of the community and influence content, you have to buy ALT.

And, finally, fifth, additional growth in interest in the token will be generated by active participants. In fact, the platform includes the roles of moderator and active community participant, which are compensated in tokens. Approximately 10% of all commissions collected on the platform will go to incentives for active users and increase the trading volumes for ALT.

About the Project

The Altair VR team has launched a project to create a global VR platform. It is directed at learning about the world in all its aspects and subjects, using a platform managed by its community through blockchain. The project offers functionality to create and distribute VR experiences through scenarios created by the community members themselves.

The first phase, the Pre-ITO, launched on February 26, 2018, and will extend until March 11, 2018, or until 10,000 ETH is raised. Participants will receive a 25% bonus.

The second phase, the ITO, will begin on April 16, 2018, and conclude on May 31. The ITO will also offer bonuses to early participants.

And the presale, also open to participation, is going on right now.

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