Buy Bitcoin with Bank Card

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Card

Buy Bitcoin from EO.Finance using your Bank Card – Buying Cryptos has never been easier, and EO.Finance is the fastest most convenient wallet for the job.

Where to Buy Bitcoin

With EO.Finance users can purchase all sorts of cryptocurrencies using their Bank Cards, including; Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, EO coin and many more – all with the most convenient payment methods available, namely Visa and Mastercard but also wire transfer – which can also be used for the withdrawal of fiat funds.

Why EO.Finance?

EO.Finance has a multitude of benefits, which users can take advantage of instantly. The native EO coin for example can be used to reduce transaction fees, but also has a variety of other uses throughout the EO.Ecosystem – which includes products such as; EO.Trade, EO.Market, EO.News and ExpertOption, all of which combine to make an ecosystem unmatched by any competitor.

Not only does EO.Finance provide a fast, hassle-free way to purchase Bitcoins, and other Cryptos using bank card, but the wallet also provides users with the option to exchange currencies directly from the portfolio, adding yet further convenience.

How to Open an Account

To open an account, firstly download the appropriate version – fortunately EO.Finance is available to download on iOS and Android, EO.Finance is also accessible through browsers, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Next register by entering your email or mobile number, then creating a password and agreeing to the platform terms, you’ll now have access to the portfolio and primary wallet functions, meaning you can Buy cryptos, exchange currencies or even hodl – the choice is yours.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Bank Card

Following the registration of an account with EO.Finance, buying Bitcoin or any other currency is a simple matter. Simply click the Buy Crypto button displayed at the top of the portfolio screen, you’ll next be presented with a new screen displaying purchase options, select the cryptocurrency, and amount you wish to buy, and confirm the selection – you’ll be transferred through to the payment gateway where your card information can be entered, and the transaction completed.

How to buy cryptos with EO.Finance:

How to Pass KYC

The next step for any trader should be to secure their account and complete the KYC procedures required by the company. Confirmation of email, phone number, two-factor authentication and KYC can all be found in the settings section – simply fill out your account information and upload your official government document, doing so will also increase a each users daily limits.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin

Withdrawal of Bitcoin or any other currency follow the same process, from the portfolio screen find Bitcoin, you’ll see options marked Buy, Receive and Send – in order to withdraw a user must select the ‘Send’ option, the next screen allows for the amount of Bitcoins to be specified and provides space for the receiving address to be entered – fill out the information as desired and click ‘send’ to confirm and complete.









How to Exchange Bitcoin

The exchange of cryptos including Bitcoin, can be made directly from within EO.Finance, from the portfolio select the Exchange button, located between the Buy Crypto and Statement sections. Next, the exchange options must be selected, click to see a drop down list of available currencies, next enter the amount before confirming by clicking the Exchange button.


EO.Finance certainly offers its users plenty of advantages, the ease at which Bitcoin and other currencies can be purchased is second to none. The additional options for exchange, plus the support for some 40 plus currencies means EO.Finance is packed full of essential features, and that’s without going into the specifics of the other products contained within the ecosystem, therefore whether you’re a crypto veteran or a newcomer, it’s highly likely EO.Finance will more than exceed your expectations.


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