BUBI Launches Code Review Bounty Program

BUBI Launches Code Review Bounty Program

The Bubi Code Review Bounty Program, organized by the Bubi Technical Community, will be officially launched on August 4th, 2018. The event has prepared prizes for those who report bugs or give optimization suggestions, with a prize pool of up to one million dollars. Developers can visit the official website to sign up, review the BUBI Chain X source code, get rewards, and finally achieve self-worth.

With years of development, the innovative ledger and decentralization concepts of blockchain have been recognized by the public and become the darling of capital. People are increasingly focusing on its superficial value and price, ignoring the fundamental element-the technology.

“We held this event mainly to focus on the blockchain technology itself. Though Code Review is an important and indispensable part for developers to find bugs in the development process, knowledge propagation and mutual learning between developers will be highlighted in this event.” said Wang Jing, CTO of Bubi and founder of the Bubi Technical Community. “We hope that the global developers will work together on BUBI Chain X source code with the concept of open source blockchain. On the one hand, the source code of the Bubi blockchain can be optimized. On the other hand, we also hope to create a pure technical communication community, so that developers at home and abroad can conduct some technical and academic exchanges and discussions based on the source code.”

If technology is to have a tangible impact on people’s lives, code is only the first step in the development of blockchain, and scenarios and applications are also crucial.

“Code review is the first phase for developers in the Bubi Technical Community. Later, we will host graduation design competition for college and university students, and incubation programs for programmer entrepreneurs. Bubi has been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years, with rich experience and resources in technologies, applications, scenarios, as well as project incubations. We hope to share our experience through a series of activities, work with people from all walks of life around the world to discuss the applications of blockchain and make our contribution to the blockchain industry. ” Wang Jing added.

It is reported that BUBI Chain X is the public chain source code developed by the Bubi R&D team for BUMO. It has been officially launched and has been running smoothly for more than 2 months. BUMO is the next-generation public infrastructure blockchain for commercial use, which aims to establish a ubiquitous trust network of value circulation and is committed to creating a distributed business ecosystem with extensive digital trust, free value circulation, and mass shared applications.

The Code Review Bounty Program is the first developer event in the Bubi Technical Community. The advisory institutions include the department of Cloud Computing and Big Data of CAICT and the Blockchain Committee of CCF. We also closely cooperate with universities and technical communities. Therefore, it is an event gathering government agencies, enterprises, academics and global developers. It is hoped that global developers and people from all walks of life will actively participate in the reward scheme and catch opportunities to learn from and communicate with each other and solve various problems in blockchain application scenarios based on advanced technologies and ideas in BUMO source code, finally bringing more opportunities for fairness, progress and development to the industry.

Get Started:http://codereview.bubi.cn

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BUBI Tech Community: http://forum-cn.bubi.cn/index

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