BTC-E: The First Trader Terminal/Platform for Crypto Trading

BTC-E: The First Trader Terminal/Platform for Crypto Trading

BTC-Everything is announcing the launch of a comprehensive trader platform for cryptocurrency markets. This tool boasts previously unseen levels of technical excellence in a market that strongly demands it.

The platform will provide users with informative analytical tools (including community-driven analytics), a comprehensive news feed, alarms and alerts, chats, connection to SM, and a portfolio to keep the most relevant data organized and within reach. There are plans to develop a plug-in feature, intended for users to access the tool as they trade on exchanges.

A volatile crypto market can be profitable for many; but highly skilled traders can work their way even through periods of low volatility and opaque trading opportunities. In these scenarios, a tool that can help them quickly sift through tons of information is crucial.

The global financial markets are rich in advanced platforms that combine sophisticated data analysis techniques with convenient information structuring: think of Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Eikon, or Morningstar Direct, and others. So far, attempts to create a similar tool for the cryptocurrency markets have failed. They lacked what BTC-Everything has: a comprehensive knowledge of crypto market structures, global digital liquidity, and artificial intelligence; an affinity with quantitative finance; and the ability to develop intricate trading software.

BTC-Everything reaches an unprecedented technical level in crypto trading tools. This platform is here to set the cornerstone upon which the crypto community will build more solid trading experiences.

For those who register before January 5, 2019 absolutely free access to all future functionality will be given forever. If one registers before January 15, 2019 free access to all future functionality is available until the end of 2019.

Website: BTC-Everything

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