Bryllite – Beyond Game Boundaries: A Global Game Asset Trading Platform

Bryllite - Beyond Game Boundaries: A Global Game Asset Trading Platform

So far, many gamers have not been able to get any compensation for the cost (time + effort + money) they have invested in games. Even if the developer’s data is lost or the games service is shut down, it is difficult to expect a reasonable compensation.

Until now, ownership of game assets have excluded gamers from the share. Bryllite has taken this issue seriously and wants the ownership of game assets to include gamers.

Bryllite wants to give game assets back to the gamers. The Bryllite platform, aims to build a “Hyper Connected Game Society” ecosystem using block-chain technology. This will safeguard gamer’s assets and allow users to move or trade assets across game boundaries.

Bryllite is a highly reliable global game asset platform that allows you to securely store game assets, as well as move and trade items without intermediaries or commissions. Gamers can earn BRC’s just by playing games on the Bryllite Platform.

In addition, the current Bryllite platform has signed partnerships (MOUs) with global games with a cumulative subscriber count of a billion users. As the platform grows, it will be possible for gamers from around the world to become BRC’s users.

Bryllite Pre-sales began April 16th, and has attracted a great deal of attention from many domestic and overseas participants. It surpassed the $10,000,000 USD soft cap in the first four days.

On May 9th, over 300 investors attended the first meetup. The direction and vision of the Bryllite Platform was shared and presented.

Yoo-ra Kim, CEO
Yoo-ra Kim, CEO (1st Bryllite meetup presentation)

“In addition to positioning itself as a global game asset platform, we are also planning to link new businesses through investment and support for developers. This will create a win-win ecosystem that benefits a lot of partners, and secure it’s potential.”

Source: Medium

The Bryllite pre-sales event will run until June 30th. As of mid-May, they have already reached $50 million USD, and it may be difficult to open the investment period any further.

Bryllite Pre-sales will be held until June 30th. KYC for participation will be accepted until June 15th. The current price is set at 1 BRC = USD 0.2. An investment of USD 20,000 will receive a 10% bonus, while investments over USD 50,000 receive a 25% bonus.

Although the public sale is scheduled for early July, depending on the pre-sale outcome, the public sale may be different.

Bryllite Team, “The information about the project can be found on the official website and on the official communication channels. We do not provide information about Bryllite token sales on any unofficial channels, so please be aware of potential scams.”

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