Bringing the Blockchain Conference and Luxury Cruising Together – Coinsbank’s 3rd Blockchain Cruise

Bringing the Blockchain Conference and Luxury Cruising Together – Coinsbank’s 3rd Blockchain Cruise

If you thought blockchain events were all skinny men in dark, dusty rooms, think again. Coinsbanks is once more bringing luxury travel and blockchain together on Coinsbank’s third Blockchain Cruise from September 7-11th, 2018. The cruise, which has previously sailed the crystal waters of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, this time takes passengers to the ultimate Old World summer destinations – the vessel departs exciting Barcelona, makes stops in glamorous Monte Carlo and of course, tops it off with a beach party in the destination to end all beach parties, Ibiza, before making its way back to Monte Carlo. Passengers can also rest easy at the height of glamour knowing that Coinsbank has spared no expense and the entire vessel is reserved for the cruise.

There will, however, be more than champagne and sunbathing aboard. A much more valuable opportunity presents itself – a direct chance to engage and make connections with leading influencers in blockchain. Over 100 speakers will attend, along with hundreds of industry professionals, renowned thinkers, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the most notable speakers include a return appearance from John Mcafee, security software tycoon turned crypto hustler, Roger Ver, CEO of, and Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC and board member of Bitcoin Foundation. Appearances will also be made by:

Travis Wright, co-host of the Bad Crypto Podcast
Tone Vays, Blockchain Consultant/Researcher/Derivatives trader
Taavi Roivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia
Olga Feldmeier, CEO of Smart Valor
Naeem Aslam, FX Columnist at Forbes
Maria Jones, VP at Cointelegraph
Giacomo Zucco, Director at BHB.Network
Bruce Porter, Chairman and CEO of GlobalBoost

Aside from providing luxurious sun and fun for its crypto-minded guests, CoinsBank aims to accelerate the growth of the blockchain community by facilitating the formation of meaningful relationships between industry members. Passengers will have plenty of opportunities to bond and make connection both onboard and on land through activities and shore excursions, and listen to speakers discuss relevant and useful topics such as emerging cryptocurrencies and their effect on current leading cryptocurrencies, expert predictions about the future of blockchain, and tools and techniques for trading digital assets. This is an excellent networking opportunity as well as a chance to gain new and exciting knowledge and strategies in blockchain.

But all work and no play makes even the technology of the future dull, and Coinsbank has packed the cruise with entertainment outside of the disembarkation ports. Onboard, guests will be delighted by scrumptious dinners, a nightly spectacular show, parties on the Pool Deck and 24 hour open bar reception. As if that weren’t enough, an unforgettable sunset BBQ party in the style of the legendary Cafe Del Mar, with celebrities and world-famous DJs, awaits guests in beautiful Ibiza. It’s guests’ last day together – so plan to party hard until you see the sun rise! The cruise then makes its way back to sunny Barcelona, where guests can disembark and go get some delicious tapas with all their newfound blockchain friends.

The Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise is a must-do for all blockchain leaders, forward thinkers, and enthusiasts who want to combine a luxury vacation with an unbelievable business opportunity.

Coinsbank is pleased to invite the public to the Coinsbank Blockchain Mediterranean Cruise, September 7-11th, 2018.

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