Bringing Decentralized Money Into the Sunshine Bringing Decentralized Money Into the Sunshine

Bringing decentralized money from dark markets into the sunshine.

Bitcoin is running high actually it is way over any forecast that were done a year or two ago, even the most optimistic one. In fact, all other main decentralized currencies are running high as well with total capitalization of the market significantly increased in the last quarter of 2017. It isn’t a surprise that Central Banks of some countries become really worried with the situation that can hardly be controlled externally, trying to ban decentralized money and pushing the crypto users deeper into the dark markets.

Bazista is the new type of e-commerce platform which is set to launch in 2018. The platform will address key barriers of online trading by integrating most popular decentralized currencies as the only way to accept payments. This means creating real value for decentralized money directing the flow of transactions away from purely speculative markets, which right now account for 95% of total operations.

Decentralized money present amazing potential to fuel the economic activity around the globe, especially within developing markets where arge percentage of population and businesses are still being unbanked mostly relying on traditional cash operations. It is what Bitcoin was essentially meant to be, but the idea didn’t quite achieve it’s potential. In order to make it less elusive the community needs to start building an equitable infrastructure for the usage of decentralized currencies and digital assets, starting today, on the early stages of the industry development. Especially while exponential growth of smartphones with cheap access to the internet.

Bazista will make E-commerce available for any person in the world and allow trading inside the eco system of the platform. Besides you can earn decentralized money and Bazista owned tokens by inviting new users or by simply promoting other users deal offers and getting a reward once your contribution results a successful deal. It is a whole new way to get into the decentralized money or to start trading online.

Bazista selected India as the focus market with great E-commerce potential with most of it’s marketing budget being accounted there. On the other hand, India has the highest number of unbanked people in the world, because banking services charge high costs and micro finance often turn out to be an even bigger rip off, as a result millions of small and micro businesses there still rely on cash. Bazista will provide a solution which is easy and transparent to use.

The company plans to attract money through token sale which started on the 4th of December, 2017 and will last until the 2nd of January, 2018.

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