BodyOne Blockchain Ecological Network Energizes the Fitness Industry

BodyOne Blockchain Ecological Network Energizes the Fitness Industry

No one can defeat me as I am the one in full of oriental power”. – the classic and domineering lines in The Legend of the Swordsman – reappeared in Beijing City – the east of the world. Bin Li, who is known as a godfather of fitness club in China, InterValue, which is a leading block chain technology company with the world’s first practical Blockchain 4.0 project capable of supporting large-scale applications and DHZ, which is a professional and scaled equipment manufacturer, have combined and posted a big good message in the field of global blockchain fitness: BadyOne, the first blockchain fitness ecological network, has been launched in Beijing City, China. Meantime, the first blockchain spinning cycles equipped with BobyOne intelligent chips have also been put into mass production. BodyOne has taken a key cross-century step in the fitness industry.

As the first block chain fitness ecological network, BodyOne can realize the resources integration, data integration and data value in the fitness industry by use of block chain technology. Its playing method is initiative in the industry. “Exercising is mining and Token holders can share the profit” is the core for the application of its fitness scenes. Starting from the blockchain spinning cycles equipped with intelligent chips, BodyOne can collect the data via smart contract and data model, convert the calories burned in the users’ workout into Tokens directly, upload the data and realize the transaction value so as to create a valuable delivery and trading system in the intelligent fitness industry.

The sun rises from the east. Li Bin – the founder of BodyOne Foundation – has lots of oriental philosophical thoughts and is honored by the industry as “Father of Chinese Commercial Fitness”. Having been engaged in the fitness industry for 20 years, he knows well how lazy a person can be and how difficult it is for a person to combat his human nature. So how can he solve the problem? The answer is block chain. The Token incentive system in the Token economy is a good recipe, for it can use people’s greed to fight against their laziness.

The doctrine lies in the daily life of the masses. Li Bin applies the high-end blockchain to the down-to-earth fitness industry. Together with the experts in cryptography and PhD Barton CHAO – a senior technology expert who has developed the blockchina at the front line for 10 years, he makes InterValue – the first practical blockchain project 4.0 who can support large-scale applications – the technical supporter for BodyOne. InterValue is capable of supporting millions of TPS chains and providing a technical guarantee for BodyOne to calculate how many Tokens the users who use BodyOne quite frequently can obtain in real time and how many dividends they can receive.

Why BodyOne is so invincible? Because it follows God’s will.

As a global-oriented block chain fitness ecological platform, BodyOne advocates sharing and win-win. The ecological network is composed of the users, the fitness equipment manufacturers, the fitness service providers, the fitness instructors and the other participants of the industry. The value of the data generated by the behavior on every node of the ecological network will be connected with each other and awarded additionally through block chain technology. The behaviors in the ecological network can produce Tokens which, as an incentive for the active participation of both the users and the service providers, can stimulate and unite all the parties on the nodes. The platform will distribute 80% of its profit to the users evenly.

Moreover, BodyOne also introduces new product designs to realize openness and win-win. The ecological network has online competitive events, in which the users can register for fat burning with Tokens. As a result, the users can have a motivation to punch the clock and establish social contacts in the competitions. In the future, the users can also research and develop the projects by themselves in BodyOne Store, connect the smart devices with a chip and deliver the values. As an open platform, BodyOne has become the Apple Inc. in the fitness industry, for as long as you can meet the requirements in the contract, your projects will be shared online. However, BodyOne is more than Apple Inc., for it distributes most of its profits to the users of the ecological network. Thus, it can make the users establish the ecological network with the company and reach a win-win situation.

In order to ensure the quality of the block chain mining hardware equipment, Li Bin has conducted a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with DHZ – a carrier level enterprise in the domestic fitness equipment manufacturers. Although its supply fell short of demand, DHZ sent a special design, research and development team, assigned special engineers to contact the American designers, the physical fitness expert team, and the BodyOne team, and even specified a special person to arrange the tolerance test of the equipment. The whole team was so excited as all was new. In both of the two Chinafit exhibitions held in Shanghai City, DHZ pushed BodyOne out as a key project. Twenty years ago, Zhou Yueming – the founder of DHZ – entered the fitness industry because Li Bin drove the industry, and this time, he decided to start again. The cooperation of two giants in the fitness industry and one master with 10-year experience in the block chain industry has sent a strong signal to the world from the east. Based on the oriental philosophy, BodyOne has truly achieved co-construction, win-win and sharing. As it follows God’s will, it is invincible.

Here comes BodyOne. Here comes the era of block chain fitness.

At present, BodyOne has gained millions of cornerstone investment mainly from the senior institutional investors such as Acapital, Achain, Btcdo, Rootscap, Huoxing Caijing, etc. and many angel investors. As a pioneer in the traditional fitness industry, Li Bin is confident. On this occasion, he will invite the partners in the traditional fitness industry, the body builders and the practitioners in the fitness industry to create “a castle in the sky” in the fitness ecological network. He believes that the blockchain fitness will boom very soon and that BodyOne will become a killer application in the fitness industry and energize the whole fitness industry.
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