Blockchain Game Developer Ether Dale Announces Glitch Goons Pre-sale

Blockchain Game Developer Ether Dale Announces Glitch Goons Pre-sale

Blockchain game developer and publisher Ether Dale, (whose previous titles include the fantasy RPG Ether Quest), announced an upcoming pre-sale for their new PvP fighting game Glitch Goons. This cyberpunk style game is utilizing blockchain technology in new and creative ways by being one of the first mobile games to support a number of different cryptocurrencies.

Glitch Goons features a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere, cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters and advanced character management combat system.  All Glitch Goons players will have a chance to compete in real prize tournaments. However, Ether Dale developers stress that those who help support the game by investing in pre-sale packages will have an advantage when it comes to fighting with high rarity gear.

The Glitch Goons pre-sale will get started on October 22nd and run for 3 weeks. Players and investors will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of exclusive items packages, each containing rare to legendary gear. Also up for grabs are packages of GameCoin (GC) tokens issued by Ether Dale (an ERC-20 based token). All the revenue gained during the pre-sale stage will be used for the in-game tournaments prize pool.

To learn more about Glitch Goons and the upcoming pre-sale visit our website.

About Ether Dale

Ether Dale produces unique games, based on blockchain smart contract technology. The team currently consists of more than 20 specialists well-versed and experienced in all aspects of the video games industry. Ether Dale takes an innovative approach to the work, combining balanced game dynamics with user-friendly management of blockchain assets, effectively blurring the boundaries between an exciting game and a full-on financial instrument.

To know more about Ether Dale and its products, visit us at the websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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