Blockchain Game 0xUniverse Released Today After Months’ Wait

Blockchain Game 0xUniverse Released Today After Months' Wait

Following an extremely successful fan requested presale, the blockchain game developer 0xGames is proudly presenting its flagship project: 0xUniverse.

0xUniverse is a next-gen Ethereum-based game, where players are 22nd century space explorers colonizing planets in a vibrant 3D rendered galaxy. No two planets are alike – each one is a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain. These collectible planets fall into four value categories: common, rare, epic or legendary. Players must build their own spaceships, conquer planets, and interact with ancient alien civilizations as they work to expand their fleet and territories. Stronger spaceships will land on more valuable planets; play your cards right, and you can become the strongest explorer in the galaxy!

The game has been in the works since the 0xGames team first came together in late 2017, in the wake of CryptoKitties’s wild success. Excited about the huge market opportunity that had opened up for tokenized collectibles, the team quickly got to work designing smart contracts, planets, and a storyline for 0xUniverse.

0xUniverse was beta tested on the Rinkeby testnet between March and May, and spiked the interest of many users. It was ready for release by early June, but stalled by avid fans who requested a planet presale. 0xGames said yes, and launched a 3-stage campaign whose final phase ended June 25th.

Fans took home 223 (67%) of the 333 auctioned planets available during the presale, whose estimated total value was 190 Ether. The largest purchase cost its owner over $8000. The developers attribute the success of the presale partly to the early beta testing stages, when the public enthusiasm for the game had started to grow, as well as to the players’ appreciation of the visuals and that of 0xGames’ consideration for community feedback.

The team will soon start work on a mobile version, as mentioned in their roadmap. There’re also plans to release a new game, set in the world of 0xUniverse, later this year. The developers also pointed out that they intend to introduce companies and planet leasing into their project allowing players to get some extra bonuses.

0xGames invites all fans of space-themed games to partake in the exploring of their blockchain galaxy. Fasten your belts and join the game community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or Reddit!

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