Blockchain & Energy Conference: Unraveling the Hype, Addressing the Core Blockchain & Energy Conference: Unraveling the Hype, Addressing the Core

January 17, 2018. Rotterdam, The NetherlandsBlockchain2Business will be the first high-level B2B platform aimed at unraveling the hype, addressing the core of blockchain potential, and highlighting the present-day & near-future business cases for blockchain applications in the energy field. The conference will be hosted by Solarplaza on the 5th and 6th of February 2018 at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam.

Taking place over two days, divided in four sessions each, Blockchain2Business will focus on discussing and sharing insights from real-life use cases for blockchain technologies. During the first day, there will be a sessions on peer-to-peer uses for blockchain, grid flexibility and certificates & regulation practices. The day’s last session will see various blockchain startups take the stage to pitch their business models in front of an expert jury. The second day will start with a session on tokenization of energy, followed by interactive roundtable discussions to assess the value of blockchain, followed by a session on investing in assets over the blockchain. During the closing session, a visionary expert panel will highlight the way forward and discuss their perspective on the blockchain in the energy field.

In the run-up to the conference, Solarplaza also organized Future Grid week from the 8th of January to the 12th of January. Firstly, on Monday, Future Grid week kicked-off with a webinar on the topic of Blockchain-enabled use cases for utilities. Additionally, we released an update on the “Guide to Companies Involved in Blockchain & Energy” on Wednesday, with over 90 companies and pilot projects working with blockchain and energy, describing the focus of their businesses and the different use cases they have for blockchain technologies. And lastly, a second webinar took place on Thursday on the potential & early experiences regarding Vehicle-to-Grid.

For more information on the 2017-highlights for blockchain and energy, you can read “2017: Year in Review for Blockchain & Energy” by Thomas Boersma, Project Manager at Solarplaza and for more information on the Blockchain2Business conference, please visit a website.

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Solarplaza organizes international high-level conferences and exploratory trade missions in both established and emerging markets across the globe. With a track-record spanning five continents, over thirty countries, fifty cities and a total of over one hundred events, Solarplaza is a pioneering industry inspirer in the renewable energy field.

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