Blockchain Enabled Streaming Ecosystem White Rabbit Partners with Media Production Company K5 Blockchain Enabled Streaming Ecosystem White Rabbit Partners with Media Production Company K5

OSLO, Norway — White Rabbit, a blockchain company developing a streaming ecosystem that enables users to reward the films and series they stream, on whatever peer-to-peer platform they choose to stream from, has announced a strategic partnership with K5 International, a subdivision of financing and production company K5 Media Group, which has produced several Oscar-nominated motion pictures.

Co-founder of K5 Daniel Baur will join White Rabbit’s advisory board and provide legal access to over 50 films in K5’s library.

The details of the deal are undisclosed.

“I have been actively searching the blockchain space for over a year, looking for companies that can have a massive impact on the film industry,” Mr. Baur stated. “With White Rabbit, I saw a product that properly integrates blockchain and embraces the existing entertainment industry and fans in a unique way.”

“This deal shows that the film industry is embracing innovative technological solutions, even peer-to-peer streaming, where our WRT token will have an essential real-life application in generating serious revenue,” said Alan R. Milligan, CEO and co-founder of White Rabbit.

White Rabbit is currently under development. Once deployed, it will act as a browser plugin that recognizes any sort of movies or TV series streamed online, and, thanks to blockchain technology, enables direct and secure payments for said content to the copyright holders. Additionally, all purchased items will be continuously available to the user in a library known as the Rabbit Hole. All transactions on the platform will be effected in the native tokens of WRT.

“We’re disrupting the new studios subscription model, to ensure greater rewards and transparency for producers, talent, investors and fans. We do this by ensuring fair access for films and series, competition in streaming services and diversity of content,” Mr. Milligan added.

In addition, White Rabbit has also added new tech executives from Blockchangers, which is one of Europe’s biggest blockchain companies. Joining the project are Jonas Therkelson as CTO; Jon Ramvi as lead blockchain developer; and Robin Pedersen as full stack developer.

“We are incredibly excited to have K5, Daniel Baur and the Blockchangers team support our mission to ensure a legal, innovative P2P streaming market, offering fans the choice and access they deserve and the industry a transparent and instant monetization model for rights holders, film investors and talent,” Mr. Milligan said.

White Rabbit’s whitelist registration for its token sale is currently open. The project intends to issue its MVP (minimum viable product) in the second quarter of 2018. A Telegram group for potential contributors is also available.

White Rabbit is solution which includes a browser plugin that aims to resolve the failing business model of digital distribution of film and television series. By offering a peer to peer tokenized system powered by blockchain technology, users can access content globally, reduce cost by paying producers and creatives directly, revenue share with streaming sites to encourage an innovative streaming market and offer a transparent and instant monetization model for producers, investors, artists and entertainers. All purchased items will remain available to the user in the library.

K5 has been in the vanguard for many years. The company launched freeX in 1993, the first ever German script development agency; founded K5 Film, a production company with a studio-like package deal with Bavaria Film; and established the digital content company Nowtilus, which became the German market leader in only three years before selling the company to Rovi. The company is developing a mobile AR game based on the world Andrew Niccol created in ANON, ultimately to be played on a PlayStation and going full VR.



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