Blockchain Cuties Is Introducing Custom Cuties

Blockchain Cuties Is Introducing Custom Cuties

The cutest of the crypto games continues to introduce exciting new features. Blockchain Cuties are taking personalisation to the next level.

All of the Blockchain Cuties are unique and one of a kind, however developers decided to step up and bring in player lookalikes — custom personally designed cuties.

How does it work?

Players can bid and win their custom cutie on the website. For the early birds, during the first two weeks the initial bid is reduced by 75%.

Those who win the auction can send in their photo and choose the race for their cutie (cats, dogs, bear cubs, lizards or foxes). Then a dedicated artist interprets this into a custom cutie.

The process of creation will take about two weeks.

Players are able to approve or request changes to their cuties two times during this period. This ensures that every player is 100% satisfied with his or her new collectible.

Extra bonuses

Custom Cuties will not only be absolutely adorable, but will also have special in-game bonuses.

These cuteness avatars will have additional combat abilities against the upcoming mighty Raid Bosses.

“Raid Bosses” is a new battle mechanic that will be available to every Blockchain Cuties player out there in the near future. It would allow cuties to go on adventure against epic creatures such as Ancient Black Dragon or Fallout inspired Power Armoured Knight of Wasteland and try to return victorious.

Every win of every player during the Raid Boss event will count towards a collective victory. After the event is over, all the players who’ve contributed to the win pool will get their special rare tokens proportionally to their contribution. These tokens will be required for obtaining super unique gear in the Raid Boss store.

While each and every cutie gets a change to win against these mighty adversaries, Custom Cuties will have a special attack bonus against Raid Bosses, making them a lot more valuable in this top tier adventure!

A sneak peek

Here are the first custom cuties made for Vitalik Buterin and Leonardo DiCaprio (based on his Wolf of the Wall Street character):

Note: players can’t buy or breed Vitalik Buterin’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cuties – they will be granted for free for both Leonardo and Vitalik whenever they decide to play Blockchain Cuties.

The auction is open now. During the first two weeks bidders get 75% discount.

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