Blockchain Cuties Introduces First Ever Own Game Wallet in the Industry

Blockchain Cuties Introduces First Ever Own Game Wallet in the Industry

Before this very moment every western blockchain game out there was using external wallets for authentication and in-game transactions. This changes now! Blockchain Cuties are here to bring seamless UX and allow even more players to join in and enjoy the experience.

There is no more need for multistep process to access the best collectible game ever. And these are especially great news for Safari and Microsoft Edge fans, as well as mobile enthusiasts.

Blockchain Cuties wallet (BC wallet) is an alternative to Metamask that was already integrated into the game. Game own wallet is here for users who are new to the market or those who do not want to install additional browser extensions to play. For others, Metamask and other software wallets can still be used to trade assets and access the game both on desktop and mobile.

How does it work?

Creating a new wallet in Blockchain Cuties is just a click away. It is safe to say that it is a lot easier than registering for almost any regular web service.

Is it secure?

BC wallet is following the industry standards of security. All data is saved on the user’s side in browser’s local storage. User credentials and private keys get securely encrypted.

Users always have an option to use their credentials and access their assets on other wallets, such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Toshi, Cipher or Status.

What are the key advantages of BC wallet?

The main advantages of the BC wallets are its flexibility and ease of use:

  • It works with all browsers, devices and operating systems.
  • It can be set up in seconds.
  • It is a fast and seamless experience which allows depositing funds to your wallet using numerous crypto currencies and even fiat money like U.S. dollars and Euro (which in Metamask is available only to U.S. citizens).
  • BC wallet allows for hassle-free export and import of private keys from other Ethereum wallets, that is set up in mere seconds.

BC wallet also keeps to the overall aesthetic of the game which allows players to comfortably immerse in the experience.

Why is it important?

This is the first time in the crypto game industry, when a game introduces its own wallet.This introduction is no easy barrier to break in pursuit of improving user experience and allowing more people to access the game.

Blockchain Cuties are here to innovate and provide the best gameplay in a growing collectible market.

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