Blockchain Cuties has Announced a Presale of Limited Edition TRON Cuties

Blockchain Cuties has Announced a Presale of Limited Edition TRON Cuties

The rumors about Blockchain Cuties collaborating with the TRON blockchain are true. By the end of December 2018, the blockchain world will be introduced the project, which stands to fundamentally change the role crypto plays in entertainment. Not long ago, on the 29th of November, the TRON blockchain made public its goal to build a free, worldwide content-entertainment system. In accordance with its goal, TRON believes that crypto games can be used as a driving force to develop new forms of entertainment.

Blockchain Cuties is the first crypto-collectible game to launch on TRON. Among the reasons why Cuties was selected first is that Blockchain Cuties and TRON are on the same page in terms of TRON’s mission. Blockchain Cuties brings with it the capability of building on the development that has already occured in the crypto space. Like TRON, Cuties implements NTF technology, and offers non-fungible tokens in the form of the Cuties themselves. Users can play with their Cuties (puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, hedgehogs, and other animals and fantasy creatures) by sending them on adventures, arming them, breeding them, or even selling them in the local marketplace or placing them on exchanges like OpenSea.

The game will be released on TRON in a few weeks. But what you can do now is get yourself a limited-edition Cutie available exclusively via the TRON Presale. Every unique Cutie comes with a particular genome that has a higher chance of unlocking new rare genes and attributes. These rare pets have advantages in PVP and PVE adventures as they get permanent +2 power bonuses for being unique, and +1 power bonuses for being noble. Every cutie has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Red Hedgehog

These Cuties are powerful and lucky by nature which makes them fearless as they’ve never experienced the bitterness of defeat. This unique hedgehog creature can pack a punch! Its paws are way bigger than any other hedgehog’s, thus making it a much more formidable fighter. There are only 25 of these Red Hedgehogs available.

Fairy Dragon

This is a legendary and wild blockchain creature. These little Dragons have pure hearts. They are extremely devoted to their Masters, so they will follow them anywhere to defend them from unexpected attacks and hidden foes. Fairy Dragons will instantly bring you back to the days of playing Heroes of Might and Magic III. These Cuties are not only remarkable for their fierce looks; they have powerful battle skills to back them up. There are only 50 of these Fairy Dragons available.

Two more TRON exclusive powerful presale creatures will be also added this week – Bear’o’Bull and someone very special which cannot be disclosed right now.

TronLink for those who care

Blockchain Cuties is going to install an original TRON wallet in their game to let users interact with each other on a verified and comfortable basis. TronLink is a TRON wallet for players’ browsers that can be installed from the Chrome Webstore. Blockchain Cuties will make sure to have your back while you are exploring the new possibilities of the mercurial blockchain world.

On the Blockchain Cuties website, you can find a counter showing the TRON Cuties.

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