Blockchain Cuties Come Up With New Generation of Limited Edition Collectibles

Blockchain Cuties Come Up With New Generation of Limited Edition Collectibles

Blockchain Cuties collectible game continues to expand its offering both in terms of collectibles and in-game features. One of the prime examples of this are the new Limited Edition Collectibles.

Limited Edition Cuties are generation zero collectibles with unique appearance and game properties. Only 10 cuties in each edition are available for sale. These collectibles have already gained major popularity among the players.

First limited edition cuties were:

  • Owl
  • Three-tailed Fox
  • Red Dragon
  • Alien
  • Kitsune
  • Football Legend

Most of those cuties are already sold out on the market.

Now three more Limited Edition Cuties are coming to the market. All of them will be superhero-inspired collectibles. When purchasing this collectable, player acquires not only the cutie itself, but also the unique set of items that comes with it.

Fist superhero cuie is ETHor. It is already available on the market and selling fast.

Ethor has a unique appearance and background. He also has a unique set of three items: Ethor’s helmet, Ethor’s armor and of course the Mighty Ethor’s Hammer. There are only 10 sets like this in the game.

All of Ethor’s set items have unique and strong in-game properties that make cutie wearing them a fearsome competitor in both PVP adventures and boss raids, which will soon be added to the game.

Curious detail about the Ethor’s set is that it has additional bonuses when Ethor himself wears it. No other cutie besides Ethor can lift his hammer. Therefore, for the rest of the cuties the hammer is displayed lying on the ground.

Ethor is a first cutie that is sold with a unique set of items. This set is the strongest only in the paws of its rightful owner. However, even if the player chooses to dress another cutie in the set, Ethor, like all other Limited Edition Cuties, will still be displayed wearing his items.

Blockchain Cuties continue enriching the game experience and adding value to their players. New Limited Edition Cuties are coming soon, providing great opportunity for fun and investment.

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