Bitsdaq Stands Out Among Crypto Exchanges

Bitsdaq Stands Out Among Crypto Exchanges

With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and adoption of cryptocurrency around the world, digital tokens have  become one of the most traded and profitable assets on the market. As of October 2018, there have been over 2,023 different kinds of cryptocurrencies issued. There are also over 14,000 different cryptocurrency markets around the world today.

All this incredible growth can also create problems. There are more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges that support active trading today. This gives people greater convenience to trade different cryptocurrencies, but the prosperity is not without consequences.

Many crypto exchanges launched without thorough preparation. These exchanges provided people with the ability to trade more altcoins,  but sacrificed security and user experience. People trading on insecure platforms exposed themselves to unexpected attacks and losses in 2018. According to the Wall Street Journal, hackers have managed to steal more than $800 million worth of cryptocurrency since 2018, this number will only keep growing. Unsecured crypto exchanges will put users at risk and make the current bear market last even longer.

Another major problem is that most exchanges only support a handful of  languages, which limits potential customers and lowers liquidity. Since more exchanges are launching  every day, customers are becoming e diluted and the volume of each exchange can be very low. Low internationalization and limited linguistic support worsens this situation and .some exchanges have stopped their services due to low liquidity.

Bitsdaq, a new cryptocurrency trading platform focused on Asia, stands out in this tumultuous landscape. Unlike other crypto exchanges which have low security and limited language support, Bitsdaq has partnered with Bittrex, a US-based digital asset trading platform with top 5 trading volumes globally, to offer users security and technical support. Through this  partnership, Bitsdaq will provide a reliable and robust trading experience for Asian crypto traders

Bitsdaq will support spot trading, margin trading, futures, anonymous instant exchange, decentralized (on-chain) exchange, and more. Bitsdaq also offers best-in-class customer service with a crew of responsive customer service specialists who provide immediate support to users and traders, ensuring everyone is on top of their transactions effortlessly.

Bitsdaq will offer multilingual support with English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean featured on every user interface. (the initial release will support English and Chinese only.) . With this multilingual support, Bitsdaq will provide the widest array of potential users access to the best trading platform in Asia.

Born in a crypto bear market, Bitsdaq aims to create a world-class platform that will attract countless users and bring in an impressive amount of revenue, benefiting the users, projects, and platform itself. Bitsdaq will become a top exchange platform in the Asia-Pacific region, leading the way to new prosperity in the crypto market.

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