Bitmora is Bringing Democracy into Cryptocurrency Trading Bitmora is Bringing Democracy into Cryptocurrency Trading

With new exchanges popping up left and right, do we honestly need another cryptocurrency exchange? The team at Bitmora says yes.

Bitmora is a digital asset trading platform launching on May 12th. But this is no ordinary exchange platform. The heart of Bitmora lies in its community. Since day one, Bitmora has been building a bond with the public keeping one goal in mind, creating a safe, fair, and reliable exchange. Foregoing immediate release, Bitmora has spent the past four months running polls off their site so that the public can be heard, allowing the people to decide which features and coins will be part of their exchange. This is an exchange that cares about the voice of its members. Many suggestions have already been accepted for implementation, and Bitmora plans to keep their voting system live indefinitely after launch, hoping to build upon the unique Democratic System it has brought to this sector.

Thanks to their partnership with AlphaPoint, a company specializing in Blockchain and Asset Digitization, Bitmora users will experience trading speeds of over 1 million transactions per second across thirty digital asset pairs. With the backing of AlphaPoint, Bitmora is working with other top exchanges to bring the liquidity necessary for a platform of this size.

Bitmora Platform

Bitmora is not only targeting experienced traders and investors, but also wants to encourage and teach newcomers the ins and outs of this new world of digital assets. Both written lessons and video lectures will be available for free on the Bitmora Education Portal, where users will be instructed by highly experienced educators in both Blockchain and investing industries. Courses will range from introductory courses on Blockchain itself to advanced technical analysis. Bitmora understands the importance of the Blockchain and the impacts it’s having on the modern world and wants ordinary people to feel safe with this new, incredible technology.

The Bitmora platform will be split into two sections based on its users’ comfort and experience levels. The first, basic section will offer a simple, streamlined approach to investing with a focus on user friendliness. The second section features a more advanced platform, where experienced users will be able to customize everything from their models to their color schemes into the layout that allows them to trade at their best. Bitmora will launch with full margin trading capabilities available to all of its users, and will be the first exchange to have a built-in price alert notification system, sending you automatic emails and texts when the price of a coin hits your mark.

What makes Bitmora stand out more than any other exchange is their new innovative fee structure. The guys over at Bitmora are no different than you and I, and are finished paying ridiculously high fees to trade anything over $10,000. On a traditional exchange, you can expect to pay about $15 per trade if the transaction is $10,000. On the Bitmora Exchange, the same $10,000 trade would cost you as little as $8. That’s nearly half of what you’d normally pay. How does Bitmora do it? Upon signup, you will be offered the choice between two fee systems, which you can switch from at any time. The first option is a traditional fee system with maker and taker fees of 0.14% and 0.24%. The second fee system is built for high volume traders whose trades exceed $5,000 per trade, this fee system is called a Fixed-Based system, which simply charges you a 0.01%-0.03% fee, plus a flat rate of $7. The fixed-based fee system is what you see in modern stock markets today, and it’s what most traditional traders and investors are used to, yet no other exchange has utilized this proven system so far.

Bitmora is gearing up to be a top contender in 2018 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Rather than an ICO, the Bitmora funding campaign is structured like an original crowdfund, with payouts beginning no later than three months after May 12th. A fixed percentage of 30% will be set aside from Bitmora’s monthly revenue to be redistributed to funding campaign contributors. Depending on the contributor’s tier, monthly payouts can continue for 12-18 consecutive months, and each verified referral source will add an extra month to your payouts.

To learn more about Bitmora, visit their website and read the technical whitepaper. For updates on social media, check out their Twitter account, Facebook page and BitcoinTalk thread.

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