Bithumb Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with BTC Air Drops

Bithumb Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with BTC Air Drops

The global cryptocurrency stock exchange Bithumb is holding its third commemorative event in celebration of its fifth anniversary.

The ‘Super Airdrop Festival’ event has two parts, the Login Event and Air Drop Event, and is open to participation for anyone who is a Bithumb member.

Members can participate in the Login Event until December 11th by logging into Bithumb and clicking on the enter event button. In this event, 15 Bitcoins (valued at USD 97,789 as of today) are provided to one winner, who is selected by lottery after the event is concluded. The winner is scheduled to be announced on December 24th.

In the Air Drop Event, prize money is given to top 500 with the greatest amount of accrued transactions in the past week. As for prize money, 7 Bitcoins are given to first place (1 person), 100 Ethereum coins are given to second place (4 people), and 8,000 Ripple coins are given to third place (10 people) every Wednesday.

In addition, Bithumb is selling a coupon for 10,000 KRW that allows holders to use Jet Cash, Monero, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, OmiseGO (total of 5 Coins) for free for one hour.

The Air Drop Event is to be continued until further notice, and the event conclusion date is expected to be announced prior to the date.

Furthermore, Bithumb plans to extend the new membership event that it has been holding since last month for foreign members. Bithumb will give out 20,000 Bithumb cash for those who sign up for membership and pay for 20,000 KRW (based on Bithumb cash) worth of transactions within the event period, from November 15th to December 19th.

According to Head of Marketing Department of Bithumb, Andy Choi “interest towards not just Bitcoin and Ethereum, but cryptocurrency as a whole is increasing worldwide,” and stated that “We are happy to hold various events to return Bithumb members’ support who always trust and use our service.”

On the other hand, Bithumb joined forces with a US based fintech company SeriesOne on the 31st of last month and plans to build a stock-type token exchange in the US during the first half of next year. It is strengthening its position as a global firm specializing in block chain by also opening a decentralized exchange site ‘Bithumb DEX’ on the 15th of last month through its foreign subsidiary.
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