Bitfury Helps Team Member Secure Marriage License on Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitfury Helps Team Member Secure Marriage License on Bitcoin Blockchain

Top blockchain firm launches June campaign, offers 20 other marriage certifications

PRESS RELEASE – AMSTERDAM – June 18, 2018 – The Bitfury Group today announced that team member Alex Shevchenko secured his marriage registration on the Bitcoin Blockchain. In honor of his wedding, Bitfury will certify the marriages of 20 additional couples on the Bitcoin Blockchain this month.

By using the Bitcoin Blockchain to secure their marriage registration, Alex and his wife, Daria, can ensure that proof of their marriage is stored in an immutable database that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Alex and Daria’s transaction can be seen here. By attaching the marriage certificate to a small amount of bitcoin and sending it as a transaction, the marriage certificate is now a matter of global public record and will maintain the highest level of security and perpetuity.

“There is simply no other way to ensure that our record will be permanently recorded in a verifiable and globally-accessible source,” said Alex Shevchenko. “Blockchain allows us to rest easy knowing that, when important moments arise in the future that require the documentation of our marriage, it will be easily retrievable via trusted means.”

With the power and security of blockchain as the underlying driving force, marriage certificates are one small step towards Bitfury’s goal of enabling government registries to operate on the blockchain. In the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine, Bitfury is currently leveraging the Bitcoin Blockchain to do just that. In Georgia, Bitfury is successfully implementing blockchain to secure land titles with the intent of implementing the technology in other government departments.

“All of Bitfury celebrates the lifelong journey that Alex and Daria have decided to embark on, and personally I’m delighted by their decision to use the power of the Bitcoin Blockchain to preserve the proof of their union,” said Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov. “Blockchain is only just beginning as a store of value for government documents, and marriage licenses are a perfect place to start.”

Read the blog post on Bitfury’s Medium page to learn more about securing a marriage license on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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