Bitex Global Launches XBX on Global Exchanges

Bitex Global Launches XBX on Global Exchanges

As per the reports, Bitex has launched its cryptocurrency in worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges, coin namely XBX which is now accessible for trading. So now it’s the right time to change your coins which you don’t need into XBX.

As cryptocurrency is the evolving aspect of future payments, Bitex is offering you a solution to facilitate your daily requirements. The coin-XBX will be used as a utility token, received as a fee for all the transactions.

In order to receive a Bitex card, you must process KYC and get registered with an account by going to You can pay through cryptocurrency to receive debit cards for the same.

XBX trading is open now, and you can begin trading at IDAX-a crypto exchange , Right BTC-a crypto exchange and soon to be launched in addition to this, the trading will start at other platforms counting 17 cryptocurrency exchanges world wide. The dates are as following — Right BTC- January 11,Coinlim – January 13th, Bit Pay- January 21st, P2PB2B-January 31st, Coin Tiger- February 4th, Dobi Trade- February 7th, EZBITEX download and registration- February 14th, Bit Forex- February 28th, and EZBITEX exchange launch- March 1st .

For other latest updates and releases, refer to official websites of Xnews and Bitex.
Initially, Bitex has conducted an initial coin offering of XBX and had a total supply of 300,000,000 XBX. The Pre-ICO token price is 0.5$ and the cost of one token of XBX was $0.7to $1.0 at the end of the token sale.

By this time, Bitex has distributed over 65% of XBX through the sale of licenses for the EZBitex platform software to its authorized partners over 8 countries and BitexPay Cards to over 7000 users worldwide.

XBX will be considered as a crypto credit standard in the blockchain ecosystem. XBX offers protected liquidity with sophisticated security using blockchain on ERC20 protocol. The technology is strongly compliant with KYC and AML procedures that ensure 100% anonymity and privacy for the users of the coin. More information can be found at


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