Bitcoin Hardware Wallet With 1000x Stronger Security Bitcoin Hardware Wallet With 1000x Stronger Security

“AsicVault” is an Estonian company that is looking to disrupt the current hardware wallet market by introducing a next generation physically secure cryptocurrency vault.

The device dubbed by the same name as the company is soon to hit the markets and here’s why we think it will replace the current generation microcontroller based wallets such as Trezor, Trezor T and Ledger Blue.

Let’s start with the most important thing one would look for when choosing a hardware wallet – security.

AsicVault is using multiple layers of security everywhere. Private keys are safely stored inside our Secure Element chip and are encrypted multiple times. As an additional security layer the Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) is used when encrypting all data.

AsicVault is the first wallet in the market introducing both active and passive intrusion detection. The device has been specifically designed to prevent undetected tampering attempts with any of its electrical components. All crypto functions are running on internal supercapacitor power and the overall device design reaches FIPS 140-2 highest Level 4 security requirements. This means that nobody can open the device and access any of its contents without rendering it unusable.

At the heart of the device there are two isolated RISC-V processors, dedicated Graphics Processing Unit and multiple high performance crypto accelerators – all inside our innovative AsicVault Secure Element chip. This is already making it the most secure and flexible device on the market.

But that’s not it.

Current devices require long PIN codes and passphrases that can be easily forgotten if they are not used every day. We have come up with a better solution for that – in just a few seconds our hardware chip can perform over 2 million iterations of PBKDF2 SHA-512 to strengthen your passwords. As a comparison, competitor devices do only 2,000 iterations. This makes it 1000x more expensive and time consuming to crack the keys stored inside our device. It also means that all paper backups share the same higher level of security. This is a remarkable improvement that will ensure the safety of crypto assets for users all around the world.

AsicVault as a next-gen wallet is all about versatility and it is designed to run custom applications. We are offering 128 Megabytes of internal Flash storage for application use, which is an ample amount knowing that our competitors have allocated less than 1 Megabyte for this purpose.

Besides unmatched security and flexibility AsicVault also takes a new step in terms of processing speed.

Secp256k1 blockchain verification on our device is faster than on a desktop computer, 5000x faster than other microcontroller based wallets like Trezor T and Ledger Blue. This allows you to use AsicVault device as a Full Node for Bitcoin network or even as an accelerator for validating blocks while mining.

We have also included measures for users to ensure that every device is genuine. Factory embedded chip certificates allow users to verify that the hardware really comes from AsicVault and isn’t replaced with a fake version. Personalised background images make each device easily distinguishable from the others.

Besides being a hardware wallet, we are proud to announce that AsicVault can act as an external encryption device that provides full disk encryption for your computer hard drives thanks to the modern USB Type-C connector and USB3.0 SuperSpeed hardware.

We believe AsicVault hardware vault with solid aluminum enclosure to be a premium device and therefore it should look and feel like one. Top-grade materials are used to ensure that you will be holding a device that is built to protect – not be protected.

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