Bitcoin Depot: Expands to 15 States to Provide Cryptocurrency Access to 85 Million People Bitcoin Depot: Expands to 15 States to Provide Cryptocurrency Access to 85 Million People

Bitcoin ATMs are becoming increasingly popular as the adoption of cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream.  They make buying and selling cryptocurrency much more accessible than ever before.

The company leading the way to mainstream adoption is Bitcoin Depot.

Bitcoin Depot has recently installed its 125th ATM, adding to the company`s rapidly growing Bitcoin ATM network.  Its convenient physical locations are making a significant impact on cryptocurrency adoption and usage. All Bitcoin Depot ATMs now support Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum which are much quicker to transact with and have lower-fees than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Depot currently provides cryptocurrency access to 85 million in 15 states nationwide.

Other options to purchase cryptocurrency such as online exchanges often take weeks to verify your account making it very difficult and frustrating to buy or sell cryptocurrency, especially during times of extreme market fluctuation. In December 2017, the Bitcoin price was at an all time high. During this time, transactions at Bitcoin ATMs were skyrocketing and Bitcoin Depot was able to handle the transaction volume with no issues. However, Bitcoin exchanges were getting thousands of new users per day and were unable to handle the increased requests. Some exchanges were so overwhelmed that new user registration was disabled entirely.

Bitcoin Depot offers instant verification. No extensive document list, bank accounts or credit cards are required to transact, only cash is needed. Anyone can quickly get verified and transact using a valid phone number. (Larger transactions require an ID.)

Bitcoin Depot takes pride in its customer service. You can easily call and talk to someone in the company’s office. Questions and concerns can be quickly addressed via email, text and phone support. Most Bitcoin companies do not offer phone support and are slow in responding to e-mail, causing many customers to become angry and skeptical of the integrity of the business.

Given the complex and often misunderstood nature of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Depot handles this skepticism well by ensuring that customers feel safe and can easily understand how to transact. “The majority of our customers are return customers” says Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz, a testament to earning customer trust and brand loyalty.

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