BitClave Raised $25.5 Mln Within 32 Seconds BitClave Raised $25.5 Mln Within 32 Seconds

BitClave, a blockchain startup developing a decentralized search ecosystem, has completed its token sale hitting the hard cap of $25.5 million within 32 seconds. More than 13 000 transactions were made. It’s a tremendous result, that highlights the level of interest and confidence in the concept and suggests a bright future for the project.

BitClave aims to totally change the way people use search engines and deal with advertisements. Its decentralized network allows users to decide who gets access to their personal data, and receive tokens as payment for sharing it. This way, the only advertisements users see are from companies they want to hear from, and the advertisers themselves benefit from an audience that is already interested in buying.

It’s a shift away from the traditional method of simply gathering huge pools of user data from social media sites and search engines and using this to influence more general ads – an arrangement that’s been annoying for users and inefficient for advertisers.

In the pre-sale BitClave had already raised an impressive $22 million of the $25.5 million hard cap, with over 64,000 registered users. In the sale itself, BitClave distributed 550,842,000 CAT tokens, out of a total supply of 2 billion. The remaining unsold tokens will be allocated to a special account and will be locked long term.

BitClave’s success is just the latest story in a long sequence of exciting ICO launches recently.

“This is a spectacular result would not have been possible without the support we’ve had from our community and followers. We’re incredibly grateful for this network we have. The token sale is only the beginning of the journey. For the next step, we are going to hit the market with a first mass solution and clearly demonstrate the usefulness of the system. You can expect announcements such as open source SDK releases, commercial partnership, and community grants all aimed at bootstrapping and growing the network. Stay tuned!”, – said BitClave’s founder and CEO Alex Bessonov.

About BitClave

BitClave uses blockchain to eliminate ad service middleman. The company’s objective is to create a direct connection between businesses and customers. BitClave is building a decentralized search engine that helps users search for items without losing control of their own personal information. Users also get compensated every time they click on search results for products and services from their favorite brands. The process makes third-party advertising networks unnecessary. For more information, please visit a website.

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