Bitbook Launches Online Gambling and Betting Platform

Bitbook Launches Online Gambling and Betting Platform

The gambling and casino industry has been alert to the changes associated with modern technologies. Since its inception, it has relied on various inventions, whether a simple dice or a sophisticated blockchain betting platform. As advancements in technology speed up, the industry is transformed at a rapid pace as well to catch up with the reality of a highly digitalized world.

The key purpose of gambling is winning a prize in a game with uncertain results. It has become immensely popular in different societies as it makes people experience a broad spectrum of emotions. It is winning that triggers particularly addictive perceptions and keeps gamblers on the edge of their seats. Nowadays, gamblers don’t even have to take seats outside their houses because leading-edge technologies enable them to place bets and play odds online.

When looking back at the history of gambling, it is clear that people were interested in it before recorded history. Gambling houses emerged in the first millennium BC while the first casino started functioning in Venice in the 17th century. The first official bookmaking service dates from 1790 when Harry Ogden made a profit by offering players the opportunity to bet on horses. Later, new forms of gambling evolved. In 1961, the legalization of betting shops encouraged the spread of bookmaking firms. The launch of online poker websites and the approval of online casinos in the 1990s were major recent landmarks in the gambling and casino industry. In fact, they set a course for striking future developments in the industry, which wouldn’t happen without the use of the latest technologies.

Online Gambling

The successful incorporation of Internet technologies led to the launch of online casinos. Microgaming was the first software development company to expand the variety of online gambling games. The greater availability of those games required the improvements in safe online transactions that were promoted by Cryptologic. Online gambling has been constantly transforming and setting new, demanding standards. For example, modern online casinos are not only expected to be legal but also to be designed to encourage communication and interaction between players from around the world. In the 2000s, online gambling hit the jackpot, welcoming 8 million players. This number hasn’t decreased since then. Online gambling is a promising trend which will continue to build up momentum. Despite its rise, conventional brick and mortar casinos still attract gamblers. Although the atmosphere remains unchanged there, digital gambling machines are found in every traditional casino, proving technological impact is unavoidable.

Mobile Technology

In the last few years, mobile gaming has been on the rise. It ensued from the widespread use of mobile phones, which allow users to place bets on the go. Smartphones not only give access to online casino games, but they also create an opportunity to download apps designed to simplify user experiences and make gambling portable. Mobile technology increases the number of players who value the convenience coming from the ability to place bets quickly. Despite recently imposed regulations on online gambling, mobile casinos and apps are in great demand among users and generate the highest profits in the industry.

Virtual Reality

The future of online gambling lies in virtual reality. This technology is aimed at gamblers who still prefer brick and mortar casinos to online gambling. Of course, virtual reality gambling won’t leave other players indifferent. The first attempt to create a virtual reality casino was in 2016. Since then, developers have been working on the idea of true-to-life casinos which will provide users with vivid virtual experiences and quality animation. Today, SlotsMillion is the only provider of VR/3D online casino applications.

Blockchain-based Gambling Platforms

Blockchain technology has influenced different industries. So far, it is difficult to evaluate its current and future impact. The gambling and casino industry had no choice but to embark on the incorporation of blockchain. And developers who rely on it haven’t made a wrong decision because blockchain-based gambling platforms offer transparency and privacy for their clients. Blockchain casinos have been a solution for modern gamblers who value personal data or hate fraud and unreasonable regulations. Reliable online casinos and sportsbooks such as Bitbook, Bitstarz, and Fortune Jack were built as modern decentralized networks.

The gambling and casino industry has expanded much more dramatically than expected, making it a very profitable sector. There are more than 2.2 billion active online gamers. It is expected revenue from gambling will total $143.5 billion by 2020. Massive popularity results from the rise of various technologies. Undoubtedly, technological development has changed the industry, incorporating multi-player gaming, mobile casinos, casino apps, Internet poker rooms, virtual reality games, decentralized blockchain opportunities, and cryptocurrency transactions. It is evident that technologies have made gambling and betting more convenient for a wider audience by introducing secure, transparent, and user-friendly betting platforms.

Technological development accounts for the advantages of, a new online gambling and betting platform. is designed to provide clients with numerous licensed games and quality services. It allows gamblers to place their bets on both computers and mobile devices. Moreover, the platform has been built on blockchain, profoundly boosting its operation. Now, offers transparent transactions, automatically updated odds, personal privacy, and an unique token that also can be used on betting. It is not all, the team is eager to keep up to date and turn it into the leading 2.0 online betting and gambling platform.

Find out more about bitbook on – the platform is already live and you can test their games with a free demo account!

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