Bgogo, the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Community, by the Community, for the Community

Bgogo, the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Community, by the Community, for the Community

Bgogo & 21 crypto institutions to forge a strategic partnership that will revolutionize the crypto exchange landscape worldwide.

Bgogo is a revolutionary digital asset exchange platform that has been launched to provide cryptocurrency project owners and investors a perfect alternative for listings and trading. This remarkable new exchange platform is developed by seasoned engineers and experts coming from major tech-giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, etc. and its aim is to offer a transparent and affordable alternative to the contemporary digital exchanges that are dominating the market with high fees.

The existing cryptocurrency market is dominated by the monopoly exchanges that charge project teams humongous fees to list their coin. Despite heavy listing fees and trading fees, most exchanges still provide poor trading experience, security, and engagement. However, Bgogo has made a commitment to revolutionize the industry by giving away the listing power back to the crypto community, as well as offering a 105%-rebated trading fee to attract investors. The platform will also offer a smooth, efficient and secure trading experience and will set new trends in the market.

Founded by its CEO Ms. Amber Cheung, this alternative exchange platform is backed by her 12 years of experience in asset management, private equity and investment management. Amber has held senior management positions in several well-known financial institutions and public companies in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

Bgogo is the first digital asset exchange platform featuring supernodes as a listing authority. Each supernode is granted the “One Vote, One Listing” privilege, which gives status holders the right to pick a cryptocurrency to list on the Bgogo trading platform during its tenure. In addition, each supernode is entitled to the benefit of “20% Per-Trade Commission Share”, where 20% of the commission generated over a lifetime from trading the cryptocurrency the supernode nominates will be paid to it.

Bgogo will also provide a high-frequency trading fee rebate (also known as mining through trading). A number of BGG tokens equivalent to 105% of the trading fee will be rebated to the user in only 30 minutes after the trade. This implies that user will be effectively paying a negative trading fee using the platform.

Bgogo will also use 100 percent of the trading commision to repurchase BGG daily, which provides a constant price support. The buyback tokens will be sent to a burn address made public to ensure transparency.

Moreover, Bgogo will update and post BGG token holding positions of all supernodes on its website. This is an unprecedented case where an exchange makes public its top token holders as well as their positions. This means that any change in supernode positions will be seen by the entire Internet. Bgogo states that its mission is to offer the most transparent, fair, liquid, and secure cryptocurrency exchange in the industry.

These innovative supernode designs have already received a phenomenal response from ventures, influencers and communities worldwide. Several high-profile venture capitals as well as influencers including Pantera Capital, ICO Drops, Hashed, Blockwater Capital, DHVC have already joined as the founding generation of Bgogo supernodes. They will be the first institutions entrusted to list any cryptocurrency on Bgogo exchange and get 20% of the per-trade commission share.

Bgogo envisions to become a leading crypto asset trading platform and a pioneer in promoting transparency in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. This token economics design of BGG token will be able to give the power back to the community and revolutionize the way to build an aligned value among project owners and investors in the crypto ecosystem.

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Company name: Bitgogo Technology Company Limited

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Company contacts: Ciara Sun – COO


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