Beirut Business Summit – an Inspiring Mix of Several Analytic Panels, Interactive Workshops and Defining Modular Them Exhibition

Beirut Business Summit

Beirut is the crossroad of the three continents, the place where East meets the West and one of the key destinations of the Middle East. With a free-market economy, a sophisticated banking system, skilled workforce and an exceptional lifestyle, Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy.

As a point of entry to a large regional market encompassing major Arab countries and reaching into Iran, Eastern Europe, part of North Africa – it is the perfect place to unite people, business and countries.

The iconic, premiere, exclusive event – “Beirut Business Summit” – an inspiring mix of several analytic panels, interactive workshops with international speakers, the first humanoid celebrity, Sophia, regional moderators and an interactive market place – defining modular theme exhibition is organized by World Elite Solutions, between 26-27th of June, at Biel – The Parks, in Beirut.

Beirut Business Summit integrates a first day forum with four panels: the influence of AI in business, technology trends and blockchain, disruptive innovation, influential leadership with 3 international key speakers, the world`s first humanoid celebrity Sophia and regional moderators followed by an evening networking cocktail and workshops with the speakers in the following days – 8,9 and 10th of May. During the whole event, an exhibition promoting luxuries real estate investments, financial services and banking, hi-tech software, innovative technologies, lifestyle destinations, fashion and accessories, offers and solutions for the world of yachting, cars and aviation.

Registration for the event is available through passes purchased online on, including one day passes or full event VIP passes, also available in the Antoine libraries. With general cost between 199 and 1596 USD, early booking available until 20th April and tailored corporate multi passes available at The access at the exhibition is free, but it needs online registration.

WORLD ELITE SOLUTIONS is a premier events services company to a professional clientele. Our events are designed to entertain, educate, help cultivate real relationships and facilitate socializing among our preferred clientele. Beirut Business Summit gives you the opportunity to rediscover your business potential! Beirut Business Summit – uniting people, businesses, countries, inspiration and success for your projects in 2019!

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