Bcshop.io Launches Ethereum Based E-Commerce and Payments Platform

Bcshop.io Launches Ethereum Based E-Commerce and Payments Platform

In rapidly developing blockchain industry the lack of useful dApps is a vivid stopping factor for cryptocurrency mass adoption. There are little to no ways to use BTC, ETH or other crypto except for investments or speculations. Targeting exactly this problem, BCShop.io releases the platform where Ethereum ecosystem is provided with real utility value. Being available in test network for months, the product is finally launched in main network at https://bcshop.io/.

The platform opens up great possibilities for cryptocurrency users to buy and sell goods and services with amazing benefits Ethereum blockchain provides. Focusing on digital products at the start, BCShop.io will be expanding to all areas of e-commerce and payments with cryptocurrency tech and regulation evolution.

Available without any software installation and registration, the platform utilizes user’s Ethereum wallet address as one’s unique identifier allowing to access all functions via one of the most popular methods: Trezor, Ledger, Metamask, Keystore and private keys are supported. With pleasurable user experience in mind, BCShop.io aims to become one stop solution for new age of blockchain powered e-commerce and payments.

“We are not cloning Amazon or E-Bay adding native cryptocurrency support. We are reinventing e-commerce and payments enhancing it with amazing opportunities blockchain technology has to offer. Today BCShop.io platform already supports automated business logic and incredibly low fees, smart escrow and unforgeable reputation system, decentralized exchange integration and flexible payment and pricing options. There are even more features to be implemented after initial launch.” States BCShop.io CEO and Founder Vladlen Manshin.

Made available thanks to successful token sale, the platform utilizes its native BCS token at full capacity by providing exclusive utility benefits to token holders. Functions implemented right from the start include 50% fee discount for merchants, cash back reward program for buyers as well as alternative to ETH payment option. Token purchase can be made right at the BCShop.io website due to seamless decentralized exchange integration.

As main network has been launched, heavily focused on development BCShop.io company is now looking for strategic partnerships to further promote cryptocurrency mass adoption. Strategic cooperation regarding enabling cross chain payments for goods and services, on-chain and off-chain private data management, alternative blockchains supports, stable coins support and global promotion to target audience is of very high priority. Business propositions are highly welcomed at bcshop@bcshop.io.

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