BCShop.io Announces Token Sale While Demonstrating Industry Leaders Use Cases

block.news BCShop.io Announces Token Sale While Demonstrating Industry Leaders Use Cases

BCShop.io is excited to announce its token sale dates and details after developing the e-commerce / e-payments platform for 8 months.

Despite ubiquitous ICO hype, the company aims to deliver the product in the first place while protecting its investors by introducing small cap token sale round with key milestone of commercial product release in May 2018. Meanwhile, the platform is already operational on a test network and several industry leaders use cases have been implemented, bitcoin.com (https://goo.gl/T3FckM) and ICO Alert are worth to mention among others.

Token sale details are as follows:

  • Dates: 16th Januaray 2018 (04:00 GMT) – 13th Ferbrary 2018 (04:00 GMT)
  • Soft cap: 300 ETH
  • Hard cap: 2000 ETH
  • Bonuses: up to 21%

For pre-applied investors token sale will open 24 hours earlier to provide better opportunity to get in. Application can be done on the website or through direct link.

“Taking into consideration that a lot of investors are seeking for tokens liquidity after token sale is ended, we already integrated Bancor protocol and trading will go live in the first days after sale is finished, zero fees are guaranteed. All that besides planned application to all noticeable exchanges”, BCShop.io CEO Vladlen Manshin states.

Short Q&A section

Q: Why so low caps?

A: We are experienced and highly effective team focused on development. We don’t need more at this stage to deliver commercial product.

Q: How many tokens will be distributed? How many tokens were already distributed?

A: Up to 242 000 tokens will be distributed at this stage. ~20 000 tokens were already distributed during presale and bounty campaign.

Q: What happens with undistributed tokens?

A: All undistributed tokens will be frozen until commercial release. They will be moved to long-term development fund and will be unlocked for project development needs during next stages. Each stage unlocks small amount and is publicly announced at least 30 days before.

Q: Are you going to exchanges?

A: Sure, we are applying to all major exchanges. We already implemented Bancor protocol which guarantees decentralized exchange with 0% fees.

About BCShop.io

Incorporated in Singapore, BCShop.io PTE LTD.  aims to reinvent the way digital commerce and payments work today. Focusing on digital goods and services area project’s goal is to enhance it with fast-growing opportunities blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have to offer.

Company name: BCShop.io PTE LTD.

Company site: https://bcshop.io/

Company contacts:



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Email: bcshop@bcshop.io

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