Artificial Intelligence Can Find a Better Price For Your Trade

Artificial Intelligence Can Find a Better Price For Your Trade

San Francisco, USA, February 4 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already outperforming human traders in many ways, with AI trading bots being able to calculate and execute decisions at a rate far beyond human capabilities and with none of the emotional triggers that typically trip up traders, and also allowing for AI solutions to be integrated into crypto trading to augment the process – but traders are still faced with pain points that are holding them back.

Exchange Commissions Kill Profits

Exchange commissions eat into profits, particularly for day traders making numerous small trades per day. Coinvenue trading platform has partnered with crypto-AI team to create a unique AI-powered trading experience with higher profit margins.

Coinvenue is a young startup from San Francisco founded by trading and finance professionals determined to tackle the primary pain point in crypto trading. The Coinvenue platform offers a comprehensive technical analysis interface that allows users to connect trading accounts from multiple crypto exchanges using API keys, enabling users to place orders and track their portfolio in one interface. Users receive Coinvenue Rewards with each market order placed at top crypto exchanges.

The Solution – Exchange Interoperability Powered by AI

“Initially our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for trading on different exchanges, as well as offer convenient portfolio tracking of connected accounts,” says Alexander Sologubov, Founder of Coinvenue, “but as we were building the system architecture, we realized that there was so much more we could offer – like giving users a chance to increase trading profitability.”

When a user places a market order on Coinvenue, the platform holds the order and estimates the probable direction of short-term price movement, searching for a better price before sending the order to the exchange. The Reward is the difference between the price the user requested and the price at which the order was sent to the exchange.

  • If Coinvenue manages to send the order at a better price, then the Reward is negative and the Reward balance is reduced. In this case, the user has saved money on his crypto exchange account due to the better order price.

  • If Coinvenue sends the order at a price without saving the user money, the user receives their corresponding Reward in BTC, thus having a more profitable trading experience.

On an average basis, Coinvenue helps users save 0,5 – 3 USD per order of 1 BTCUSD.

Coinvenue rewards are currently available for BTC-USD trading at certain exchanges. Alexander Sologubov is available for comment and more information is available at

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