Arna Panacea Is The New Age Solution For The Pains Of Modern Healthcare Arna Panacea Is The New Age Solution

Dmitry Kulish, PhD, MBA October 2017. At the first sight ARNA PANACEA blockchain expert system looks like just another contender in the dense race towards fitting healthcare into the blockchain. Many pains of current healthcare may be cured by distributed immutable record: clinical data exchange and data mining with sustainable privacy, claims and billing management with cybersecurity built-in, supply chain integrity and provenance without expensive third parties. Many companies talk about these advantages and promise to implement them, but the progress is limited so far. The reason is simple: system is afraid of change. Healthcare stakeholders pretend to embrace the need for change, but in reality no one would like to be the first one. We totally understand it: healthcare business does not tolerate risks as any single mishap endangers human life. Many strong blockchain projects hit this wall and stare at it relentlessly looking for the path through.

ARNA PANACEA is an elegant technology based on private permissioned blockchain, which secures identification of all participants processing PHI, and miners making consensus. The system is carefully designed to accumulate all data flows of diverse and colorful healthcare market place to allow patient and data management, scientist and investor cooperation, claims and premiums optimization. However, this is not the key diversification of ARNA project. Its core beauty and power lies in finding the narrow passage into the healthcare system that will open itself to blockchain. It will do so not because some officials demand optimization or some visionaries explain the beauty of new technology. No, it will open because this niche stakeholders can not survive anymore without trust and convenience provided by blockchain. We talk about early diagnostics of malignant tumors, specifically, breast cancer.

Look, those women who are BRCA-positive are painfully aware about the statistics game they are running. They may either subject themselves to scary mastectomy or run quarterly mammographies that are notoriously unpleasant and inaccurate. They know that the early detection of breast cancer almost guarantees successful healing so they dream about safe reliable diagnostic test. Official healthcare can not offer peace of mind to these women. And some of them even can not rely on mammography! They find resort in practical psychotherapy, ranging from homeopathy to meditation. Others learn from scientists that safe and reliable liquid biopsy techniques will soon show up, but in order to hit the market these new techniques have to go through multiyear clinical trials at extremely high costs. In many years from today these tests will be offered in rich countries at steep prices. In the end of the day, many of these women totally loose the trust in official medicine and start taking care about themselves in any way they find. When eventually official medicine will bring to them the first overpriced and overdue liquid biopsy test, they will simply not believe it. They will stay with homeopaths and astrologers being assured that official healthcare again tries exploiting them by creating artificial shortage of life-saving treatment through selection bias of clinical trials.

ARNA project intends to break this ugly Catch-22. ARNA has developed liquid biopsy test called ARNA BC and has proven it in laboratory setting. Now ARNA heads straight into official FDA pathway of registration, but we would like to offer women the opportunity to look for themselves without relying on FDA opinion. We will start free-of-fiat-charge testing of breast cancer paid by ARNA token with results of tests provided in crypto-universe. Women then will be paid ARNA tokens back for reporting hard data on their health status. To our best understanding, this way of action is fully legal. When the first several hundred of brave women pass through this procedure, ARNA blockchain expert system will demonstrate validity and accuracy of ARNA BC test. Again, we will not bypass official FDA registration, but when we obtain it in several years from today, in addition to dry scientific reports of ARNA-BC clinical trials, women will see the actual test performance in ARNA PANACEA. If the test works, these women not only will regain their trust in official system, but also feel empowered by taking personal care or their health. Blockchain is all about empowering people with taking back control from centralized ledgers and this is how ARNA PANACEA blockchain will do it in healthcare.

As soon as we have first several hundred women excited by the opportunity of frequent safe reliable breast cancer testing, doctors will come to use the system, because it is doctor destiny to follow her patient. Insurers will follow doctors. Regulators and Big Pharma will follow Insurers. ARNA PANACEA will become healthcare blockchain marketplace, not because it is stunningly better than many other blockchains, but because it found the best beachhead to start expansion of blockchain into healthcare. Some people ask: so what exactly ARNA sells and monetizes: blockchain or oncology diagnostics? We patiently explain that ARNA monetizes synergy between blockchain and diagnostics discovered by ARNA founders. In ARNA business model blockchain and biotech can not be separated. Blockchain will not survive without ARNA-BC because that method provides the only narrow passage for expansion into healthcare blockchain marketplace; Oncology diagnostics will not survive without blockchain, because it will hit the wall of public mistrust in official clinical trials.

We strongly believe that ARNA PANACEA is the new age solution for the pains of modern healthcare. We do not offer silver bullet or supercomputer magic: we offer a relatively simple and transparent tool that will put people in control of their health and provide an opportunity to the entire healthcare to be more efficient. We look forward to serving this noble role and invite our early backers to join our TDE. Our tokens display purely utilitarian nature: they only can be exchanged for ARNA-BC tests or activities inside ARNA PANACEA and eventually traded in external token exchanges. Still, they will grow in fiat value as ARNA-BC and ARNA-PANACEA become more trusted and widespread. This is another elegance that ARNA brings to the world. Please join us in this exciting action!

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