Aramcocoin Launches Crypto Commodity Coin Aramcocoin Launches Crypto Commodity Coin

Aramco Ltd. is a private company based out of the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Aramco Coin has created the ARM token in order to allow people to invest in a cryptocurrency that has some intrinsic value and also to allow people to easily trade on the live price of Brent crude oil. is a digitized interest in equivalent reserve barrels of crude oil and is free from the external risk of governmental intervention affecting the valuation of fiat currencies or the extreme volatility faced by digital currencies due to rapidly changing supply and demand dynamics. offers all of the advantages historically associated with blockchain enabled digital currencies while providing a fully verifiable and audited asset reserve to ensure its value, stability and security as a leading medium of exchange.

Aramco Coin originated from the idea of having a strong currency that has a backing on raw materials. The coin allows companies and individuals to make use of the transparent exchange of digital currency with essential value that arises from oil.

Every Aramco coin stands for the worth of a single barrel of crude oil. It will be supported by a stern interest in a bundle of oil assets like Oil Future and Physical Oil plus every interest in all properties used for producing oil. The total value got after adding all interests represents the approximate value of every Aramco coins that are in circulation.

ARM as an Investment :
One of the key features of using ARM as an investment is the fact that each token is backed by a real barrel of oil. This, as is with other commodity backed cryptocurrencies, means that there is always a base minimum value to the digital asset. An ARM token can never be worth less than the value of the barrel of oil that it represents. According to Aramco Coin, this makes the coin a less volatile investment than free-floating digital currencies and, therefore, a more secure asset.
Along with the proposed security of the investment, owning and holding ARM tokens has residual benefits. Aramco is guaranteeing that the price of ARM will increase by at least $0.01 USD every single day for life. That kind of return isn’t life changing money, but it is, at the very least, financial movement in the right direction.

Trading with ARM :
While holding ARM tokens as an investment is certainly one of the encouraged uses of the Aramco Coin offering, Aramco Coin seems to be more heavily invested in the idea that people will be using the coin to trade on the price of oil. In fact, we have developed a slick online trading platform that will allow ARM owners to trade against the live price of Brent crude on the London Stock Exchange. Traders will pay fees just as all traders do in all markets, but Aramco is putting incentives in place to ease the burden of speculators. These incentives are offered on a sliding scale and allow investors to receive between a 50% and a 90% discount on their fees.

Aramco (ARM) Initial Coin Offering Details :
The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the ARM digital coin will begin with 3 stages 1)Pre-sale on April 24th, 2018. The pre-sale will run until May 8th, 2018. The incentive for investors during this time is a 15% bonus on all purchases. 2)Stage-1 sale on May 9th 2018. The Stage-1 sale will run until May 23th 2018. The incentive for investors during this time is a 10% bonus on all purchases. 3)Stage-2 sale on May 24th 2018. The Stage-2 sale will run until June 7th 2018. The incentive for investors during this time is a 5% bonus on all purchases. As ARM is an Ethereum based digital currency, it can be purchased using ETH , BTC and subsequently traded on the Aramco digital trading platform.

If you would like to get a complete picture of the ARM token and the plans that Aramco has made for the digital trading platform, you can read the ARM white paper or onepager at our website :

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