Airline Blockchain Project ALLN Issued US$350 Million Airline Blockchain Project ALLN Issued US$350 Million

The most of current cryptocurrencies remain in the development of new technology or concept as mainstream, products and services still stay in the dream-building idea. Most cryptocurrencies are dejected without subsequent support from the enterprises, causing most of investors disappointed and panic.

The largest aero-ecological blockchain in history is going to unveil on March 28th. The original team, Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited, recruits the most advanced technology team, focused on building blockchain applications, and announced the world’s first aero-ecological blockchain application. “The project Airline and Life Networking Token (hereinafter referred to as ALLN)” is born.

ALLN builds the decentralized platform of entity expense application, which has completely realized the cryptocurrency in the application and the circulation of entity expense market. The issuer wishes to start from the aviation travel industry and implement the first field of entity application of cryptocurrency on strategically cooperation with the establishment of 60 years of Far Eastern Airlines.

The issuer hopes to support entity consumption ecosystem through the combination of ALLN and large enterprises, expects to lead global blockchain consumption system in the future, creates new channels among the complex services of consumption, smart contracts and asset allocation and trades, and promotes the unlimited possibilities of the blockchain on the application side.

ALLN, a digital token produced by the Ethereum blockchain technology and adopts the standard format of ERC20. All circulations and distribution rules can be searched on the Ethereum chain. The purpose of smart contract mechanism is, when the consumer transferred corresponding Ether to their Ethereum wallet which is supported by the ERC20, the smart contract will detect the transferring Ether, and triggered the smart contract subscription rules. The contract will automatically base on the conversion rate at the time and transfer subscriber’s ALLN to the subscriber’s Ethereum wallet address.

The scale of ALLN issue in this time is spectacular. According to the ALLN development project, the first phase will be operated by the end of March this year.The development team will complete the fundraising plan by the end of April this year.The purpose of follow-on issuance is to continually achieve the goal of the acquisition of new fleets, peripheral assets, and popularity and application of ALLN to promote Far Eastern Airlines’ expansion of routes, upgrade aviation services, and aim to popularize aerospace blockchains in physical consumption.

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