AICHAIN – Bring the Future of AI to Everyone, a Key Breakthrough for China’s Blockchain Project AICHAIN – Bring the Future of AI to Everyone, a Key Breakthrough for China’s Blockchain Project

AICHAIN, the China’s leading blockchain project in artificial intelligence domain, has been a hit with investors now days. As the leading blockchain project in China, its unique research logic attracts people most.

In 2017, the AICHAIN team started to combine artificial intelligence with blockchain, dedicated effort to seeing the breakthrough in blockchain industry.

Basic concept was first finished in June 2017, its main purpose is to provide a open-source platform for data owner, application developer, operation platform and consumers. It is designed to help everyone use customized AI application with low cost and no technical barriers. AICHAIN has gathered over 100,000 supporters in more than 6 countries in only 3 months.

Since the project started, it has been reported by CCTV Security (China’s most famous official TV) and Sohu Finance and Economics (China’s most famous Internet website). More than fifty news medias have reported the progress of AICHAIN.

AICHAIN has first considered converting blockchain technology into useful application since it was established. Easy Live, the China’s leading video live broadcasting company, has signed strategic cooperation agreement with AICHIAN. The AIT will be transferred by more than 20,000,000 users on Easy Live in the future.

INBlockchain, the leading investment company in blockchain , has signed an agreement of deep investment with AICHAIN , thingking highly of the value of combining blockchain with AI. The AICHAIN project has obtained angel investments from China’s largest blockchain company Bitmain who has supercomputing mining machine (China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise).

Genius idea gather the talents, same with AICHAIN team. This team has famous scientist in artificial intelligence, ambitous entrepreneur from China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise, renowned scholars from UCLA and Tsinghua University, expert in marketing. AICHAIN has established base in China and America, dedicated effort in research and marketing.

With the Chinese State Council embracing blockchain in its 13th Five-Year Plan, Chinese policymakers are eager to set the framework and standards that accelerates industry adoption of blockchain technology. Now AICHAIN is dedicating effort to China’s technology creativity.

The international roadshow of AICHAIN, Chain for the future—the AI ecosystem on blockchain , is to start in Silicon Valley on 21 March. AICHAIN has invited celebrities in artificial intelligence and blockchain,sharing the technical details and investment advice to the attendee.

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