After a Sold-Out 1st Pre-Sale Stage, DECOIN Finishes Development of Blockchain Environment

DECOIN Finishes Development of Blockchain Environment

DECOIN’s 2nd pre-sale stage, featuring a 39% bonus, ends Friday, June 22nd..
A Community-Driven Development Solution

DECOIN, a revenue-sharing exchange and trading platform, has a simple, albeit ingenious solution to the problems hampering cryptocurrency exchanges. They use proof-of-stake (PoS) as a means of validating DECOIN wallet transactions and sharing the value created by the exchange. Instead of requiring a MasterNode, users with a minimum amount of DECOIN are entitled to a proportionate return on their investment.

Boasting a 4.5/5 rating on ICOBench, DECOIN is poised to be one of 2018’s most interesting blockchain projects. As DECOIN aims to attract a worldwide user base, they are accepting multiple payment mediums for their ICO–including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa and MasterCard.

Decoin’s Innovative Offering

DECOIN transactions are digitally signed and verified for security. The revenues of DECOIN are then shared with coin holders. These revenues include spreads, commissions, aggregation, risk positions, and margin interest.

Their algorithm rewards loyalty by ensuring an average of 6.2% annual interest return to all coin holders that stake their coins in DECOIN’s online wallet. Thanks to new currencies, approaches, ideas, and technologies, the crypto community is in constant flux. One shift is particularly fundamental: the changing nature of the blockchain-mining ecosystem.

Blockchain mining requires incredible processing power, making it both environmentally damaging and no longer profitable for its miners. DECOIN offers an innovative, community-driven proof-of-stake (PoS) solution.

Progress in Development

DECOIN has already finished the development of their blockchain environment. This includes the generation of coins and native wallet creation. They have even launched a website for the public to view the progress.

Along with this rapid technical progress, DECOIN has added multiple languages to their platform, allowing users worldwide to benefit from their ground-breaking technology.
Attention to Regulation

DECOIN’s CEO Shay Perry has publicly stated that their team is applying for local licenses where needed, in order to ensure the viability and continuation of both DECOIN and the DTEP exchange and trading platform. Anticipating the potential scenario that DECOIN may be construed by regulators as a security, DECOIN is taking a number of precautions–including the exclusion of investors from China and the United States from participating in the ICO.

The company has commenced RMO regulatory procedures in Singapore. After this process has been completed, DECOIN’s DTEP trading and exchange platform will be able to act as a global exchange, while adhering to stringent regulatory framework.

Looking Forward

Upon DECOIN’s launch, platform users will have the ability to trade numerous cryptocurrencies on the DTEP exchange and trading platform in addition to the proprietary currency–including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Neo, and Ripple. DECOIN itself will also be listed for trading on multiple exchanges, which are soon to be announced.

More information on the ICO and the company itself, including whitepapers and vision, can be found on

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