ABCC Announces the Trading Date for Its New Token (AT)

ABCC Announces the Trading Date for Its New Token (AT)

AT trading began on July 25, 2018 and the ABCC team is continuing efforts to support the community.

ABCC, being one of the world’s emerging cryptocurrency exchanges, begins trading its native token as the ABCC team had promised.

It is no news that the Trade-to-Mine (ToM) exchange created a boon in the Blockchain community and since its issuance has performed as excellently as expected. The mining performance since AT issuance on 9th July 2018 was outstandingly successful, trade volume spiked to global rank no. 5 once and now trading volume is growing steadily.

“We were astonished to see an overwhelming jump in trading volume, coupled with stable growth, since the issuance of ABCC Token (AT) on July 9. I am certain that AT’s value will reflect its sustainable mining model and the confidence of ABCC users.

The philosophy of blockchain that we embrace – open, frictionless and participatory – inspires us to provide users with an unparalleled trading experience.”

Calvin Cheng, CEO of ABCC Exchange said.

The ABCC Token (AT) is set to soar after an estimated $0.4 starting value as it makes its highly anticipated trading debut on the Blockchain network.

ABCC’s ambition is more than rewarding miners with AT. As a key component of ABCC ecosystem blueprint, AT is the enabler of consensus among various stakeholders in creating shared value, bringing AT investors, AT Super Miners, API users, blockchain project teams and other partners together. Based on a shared faith in the value of AT, different participants will cooperate and exchange resources and value with each other to collectively build up a strong and long-lasting consensus.

AT investors, i.e. members who hold AT, play a crucial role in the AT ecosystem. They will have access to a wide range of benefits, including rewards, airdrops, private sale, listing vote, enhanced mining power via ToM. 80 percent of daily trading fees going to AT holders that support the network, incentivizing the storage and circulation of token is a good example of current rewards.

Although the crypto market performance has seen fluctuations over the past few weeks, the trade volume spike that skyrocketed ABCC Token (AT) makes it one of the most promising platform tokens in the crypto marketplace.

This increase in trading volume and the introduction of AT into ecosystem are remarkable and also implies the fast-paced growth of the company which aims to provide an open, transparent, and seamless trading experience.

ABCC utilizes the Bitcoin mining model, as such miners were able to take advantage of the model and benefit significantly from the system. The Trade-On-Mine (ToM) mechanism and Bitcoin-like issuance and distribution make the system a win-win situation for all.

ABCC Token (AT) represents a new Platform Token 3.0 model that AT will be embedded and integrated into various scenarios with multi-dimensional value propositions, as well as a medium through which different parties can share values in a more open approach. This move was set to boost liquidity and prices over the long term, making AT one of the few platform tokens whose rewards can be predicted and whose value can be estimated based on a P/E ratio. It also makes it currently the only trading and mining platform token that minimizes inflation in the long term. In this way, we can ensure that value flows seamlessly and more value will be created in the process.

Given increasing client interest in the evolving cryptocurrency markets, ABCC guarantees a more transparent and trustworthy operation for it users. While other platform tokens experience a sharp drop in prices: increase in short-term but drop in long-term, by incorporating the Platform Token 3.0 model the ABCC Token (AT) value goes up in the long term and AT stakeholders will enjoy its multi-dimensional values.

While the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown tremendously over the years, getting a token that really stands out of the crowd has always been a problem. Now everyone has the opportunity to take part in one of such, being the only one of its kind.

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