55 Global Markets Launches Trading of Premium Brand Product Tokens

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55 Global Markets is the world’s first asset trading platform designed to allow a seamless and efficient flow of high-quality assets around the world. 55 Global Markets aims to build a globally connected, continuous, transparent, low-friction, non-discriminatory asset trading network using blockchain technology and tokens as transaction vehicles. 55 Global Markets is not limited to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The ultimate goal is to use tokenization to bridge traditional liquidity markets to support the trading of a wider array of assets. Recently, 55 Global Markets announce that it supported trading of Premium Brand Product Tokens and its roadmap to launch its related derivative products.

High-quality and limited-edition consumer goods have been in short supply for a long time, resulting in high volatility and lack of a resale market. The premium brand product is becoming an investment instrument rather than a consumer commodity. Therefore, large numbers of potential consumers don’t have the economic power and/or channel to buy the premium brand products.

55 Global Markets believe tokenized Premium Brand can be a new asset class to be traded in between fans and investors worldwide. With its tokenization infrastructure, 55 Global Markets can fragment assets into tokens, thereby lowering participation thresholds. For example, an Air Jordan sneaker fan can now obtain fractional ownership of an asset package including Air Jordan 1 to 11. The fan, also as an investor, can obtain value appreciation of the tokenized premium brand as well as sense of ownership.

55 Global Markets will focus on the listing of premium brands of sneakers, bags, watches, wines, etc., and use its tokenization technology to help manufacturers, retailers, KOLs and collectors to tokenize their limited-edition consumer goods to allow a greater number of consumers to obtain access to these goods.

To ensure the token value is backed by authentic products, 55 Global Markets holds high standard when screening issuers of Premium Brand Product Tokens. The issuers must be franchised retailers or those individuals who widely regarded as Key Opinion Leaders. Once the physical items passed legit check, they will be shipped to third-party trust company for custody, then the token representation of the premium brand can be issued. With full possession of tokens, holders can redeem the physical items.

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