5 Millions Raised, Ready to Revolutionize eSports

block.news 5 Millions Raised, Ready to Revolutionize eSports

The eSports.com ICO Is Just Days Away

With less than a week left for the ERT ICO, eSports.com is preparing to push its ICO to the next level. The eSports platform aims to provide the rising gaming industry with a whole new ecosystem.

eSports.com’s Story So Far

During the pre-ICO round eSports.com managed to raise more than €5 million across from interest groups, gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency market makers. But there are parameters beyond the amount of money raised that add to sustainable success.

When it comes to launching a new platform based on a cryptocurrency, to create an ecosystem around it, adoption, proper exposure and integration are of paramount importance. eSports.com has already accomplished a great deal across all three parameters during the pre-ICO round. eSports.com managed to achieve strategic partnerships with online gaming marketing giant Veltyco and with both HEROcoin and the biggest tournament brand in eSports – Electronic Sports League (ESL). This and the listing on the C-CES exchange from day 1 of the ICO and ongoing negotiations with other exchanges can be read as indicators for a lot of potential.

Providing An Innovative Platform For ERT

These achievements will help eSports cement greater adoption rates for its platform and ERT token, increased exposure to key audiences and greater integration into the wider cryptocurrency markets. With the ERT ICO eSports.com aims to develop this innovative platform with its very own cryptocurrency even further. Users will be provided to engage in the following activities:

  • Education – Learning about games, new tactics and strategies, as well as providing a platform for more experienced players to share their knowledge with others. This will allow for a greater integration of users into the growing gaming industry.
  • Coaching – Both amateur and professional eSports teams will have access to coaching through the platform. eSports.com connects them with the biggest pro players and real-world stars to maximize results.
  • Purchase and sale of hardware and other gaming merchandise – eSports.com will build the Amazon of eSports in which the ERT token will be used as a medium of exchange.
  • Betting – eSports users who meet the legal requirements, will be able to enjoy the benefit of betting on their favorite teams during tournaments thanks to the platform’s licenses in Malta and elsewhere.
  • In-game shop – Users will be able to shop for in-game items on the eSports.com platform.

A fully functioning economy based on the ERT token – The eSports.com platform will create an ecosystem and a fully functioning economy around its own cryptocurrency, the ERT. Users will use the ERT to buy and sell all the services and products on the platform, and eSports developers will get paid in ERT tokens. This means that eSports.com will be active in the market buying ERT tokens.

The eSports.com ERT ICO

Further development of this platform will take place during and after the ICO. Contributors who would like to take part in the ICO will be able to do so through www.esports.com, where the official contribution addresses will be disclosed.

The following are the key features of the ICO:

  • Start date: November 1st, 2017.
  • End date: November 30th, 2017.
  • Maximum token amount sold during ICO: 24,000,000.
  • Currency acceptable for contributions: BTC and ETH.

Who is behind eSports.com

Behind this ICO there is a team of multidisciplinary experts:

  • Benjamin Fӧckersperger – Chief eSports Officer and Co-founder (Head of Berlin Office and eSports University) is responsible for eSports and community management. He has built several companies from scratch and has been a gaming enthusiast his whole life.
  • Philipp Geppert – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (Head of Prague Office) is the betting brain of the company and has several years of COO and CEO experience with offshore gambling markets.
  • Robin Lawson – Chief Operations Officer is an offshore European gaming expert with great experience in VIP.
  • Michael Broda – Chief Financial Officer is the financial leader and expert in investment banking. He founded an investment company in 2007 which is still running successfully.
  • Benjamin Kratsch – Global Content Director is responsible for all editorial and social units across the globe in Sofia, Prague, Berlin and Los Angeles and has 10 years of experience working for brands like Red Bull, GQ and NBC Universal.

Company name: eSports

Company site: www.esports.com

Company contacts:






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Email: Info@esports.com

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