3D-Printing ICO (Uniting The Cryptocurrency & 3D Printing Technology Together)

3D-Printing ICO (Uniting The Cryptocurrency & 3D Printing Technology Together)

Makerslab24.com – 3dP-Token combines the potentials of 3D printing and crypto currencies

Czech Republic, 06/01/2018 – Additive manufacturing counts as one of the most emerging technologies of our time. Like crypto currencies it is still part of a niche market and bears the future-oriented potential to enhance manufacturing processes and our everyday life.

Our platform for digital 3D printing orders will make a nearly unexplored market with a huge potential suitable for mass adoption. In Q4/2018, makerslab24.com will institute a 3D printing farm in Czech Republic. The EU country is open-minded and well developed in terms of blockchain technologies.

Makerslab24.com will make the revolutionary 3D printing technology inexpensively accessible for everybody. For our B2B customers out of the aviation industry, naval architecture, medicine sector or automobile industry, it will be possible to order 3D printed purpose-built items and hard to obtain special parts. Moreover, B2C customers can order individual customized models. Cooperations with multinational companies that order components in large quantities enable fair pricing for our private clients.

The initial coin offering of our 3dP-Token, a utility token programmed on ERC-20 Ethereum basis, is meant to finance the makerslab24.com platform. Every investor is directly involved in the profits generated by makerslab24.com through our unique concept. From Q3/2018 on, payments can be made on our platform by using the 3dP-Token and it can be traded on exchanges.

The presale ICO phase will start on April 15, the public ICO phase on April 29, 2018. Our 3D printer farm will be installed and programmed in Q3/2018 and launched in Q4/2018.

3dP-Token is limited to 300.000.000.

Price: 1 3dP Token = 0,30$ (payable ETH / BTC / LTC / DOGE)

Those are offered as follows:

1. Week: Major Investors 25% discount / 2. Week: Pre-ICO 25% discount / from 3. Week: ICO-Phase 0% discount.

Invest in our ICO to gain profits out of this revolution. Further informations can be found in our Whitepaper.

Company name: makerslab24.com

Company site: www.3dp-token.com

Company contacts: CEO: Severin Wirtz

Company email: s.wirtz@makerslab24.com

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