Tens of Millions of Football Fans See Crypto TV Ad

Tens of Millions of Football Fans See Crypto TV Ad

At the height of the World Cup fever this year, a company recently spent a significant amount of money to advertise their blockchain-driven products on television seen by tens of millions of football fans across the globe. 

Hyundai Digital Asset Co. (Hdac), a subsidiary of Hyundai located in Zug, Switzerland, gave its counterparts a run for their money to air a 35-spot TV ad featuring its products driven by the technology underlying digital currencies including bitcoin. Arguably, the commercial break during this year’s World Cup held in Russia has piqued the interest of most football lovers. 

The commercial started with the depiction of a family that has a holographic image attending to their needs. Everyone in the family – even the little girl – is familiar with using the technology. The family leaves their abode, probably to eat somewhere else, when suddenly home appliances started interacting or performing other tasks. 

“Hdac Technology is building the future with the blockchain solution,” the firm’s ad material said at the end of the commercial flashed at the bottom of the screen. “Hdac Technology platform is smart and secure, thanks to the blockchain solution.” Using the internet of things (IoT), Hdac shows that appliances are exhibiting how an interconnected smart household will function. 

Placing an ad during the global football tournament exposes any product or service to its tens of millions of TV viewers. It can run about $300,000 per airing. Hdac has scheduled 80 spots throughout the international tournament that started on June 14 and will end on July 15 this year. It takes place every four years. Based on projections, almost half the human population might be able to catch the TV commercial at the very least. 

Veterans in the crypto arena are not certain as to how the blockchain technology has become relevant to using appliances and the like; furthermore, how an old and heavy technology can advance innovation even though blockchain is merely a distributed shared ledger with limited functions. 

Hdac was founded last year by Chung Dae-sun, nephew of Chung Mong-koo, chief executive officer of Hyundai. “We believe that the future digital world will include the Hdac Platform as a highly reliable blockchain network that can conveniently utilize the services of the world’s numerous IoT devices,” the company claims on its official website. 

“The technology can be applied to smart factories, smart homes, smart buildings, and various industries.” Machine to machine transactions “for mutual contracts and operation between IoT devices are implemented to bring a platform where rational consumptions and transactions are possible,” Hdac emphasized. 

Similar to other entities, Hdac has joined the initial coin offering (ICO) bandwagon when it generated a quarter of a billion dollars with its DAC token presentation in the latter part of last year. Hdac, despite earning a huge amount of money from its token offering, succumbed to hacking. The firm attempted to resolve the matter by halting all withdrawals at the company and settling on verbiage asserting to accept no liability because of its pool’s decentralization.

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