Russia to Offer Crypto Courses in 3 Universities

Russia to Offer Crypto Courses in 3 Universities

Three universities in Russia are offering educational courses and postgraduate programs related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  

The Don State Technical University (DSTU), the Novosibirsk State University (NSU), and the Voronezh State University (VSU) will be providing lectures on cryptography, digital economy, and distributed ledger technologies, among others this September. These academic institutions will be teaching these subjects in English targeting Russian and foreign students seeking opportunities in the global crypto arena. They shall feature guest lecturers from Europe, India, and the United States. 

The DSTU will open two master’s programs related to blockchain: intellectual systems based on blockchain technologies and digital accounting and management. University students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to develop new information systems and develop modern electronic payment schemes. MS programs were created in partnership with the University of Nicosia. 

“We offer graduate students [the opportunity] to study in depth the distributed ledger technology. Blockchain is a promising technology that is rapidly introduced in many areas of life. Demand for specialists in this field is growing every day,” Alexey Belskopilniy, DSTU’s vice-rector, said. 

On the other hand, the NSU, which has been conducting blockchain-oriented courses in English, said its Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty will accept the first 15 students of its MS degree program in cryptography that shall get a grasp of encryption techniques and blockchain as part of the two-year training at the university. 

The NSU has invited experts from Russia as well as from America, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, India, and Norway to give a lecture on the subject that will be held in English. The university hopes to attract students from across the globe and obtain acquire international certification and accreditation for its diplomas. 

“Master in Cryptography from NSU is an innovative programme designed to involve young researchers in the field of modern cryptography and bring them onto a high professional level in this area. The programme covers all basic aspects of cryptography and cryptanalysis and provides deep theoretical and practical background in this field,” the NSU said in its invitation posted on its website. 

The VSU has created a bachelor’s degree program called models and methods for analyzing the digital economy which shall center on studying digital economy and blockchain technology. To be given by the institution’s Department of Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods in Economics, the curriculum provides a profound training using modern information technology analysis. 

It “ensures the universal character of the acquired knowledge, as well as the wide scope of their application in various economic activities and at different levels of government,” the VSU said in its website, explaining the “digital economy has an impact on such diverse industries as banking, retail, transport, energy, education, health, agribusiness and many others.” 

“Much attention in our country is paid to the role of the digital economy in the reform of Russian society. It is rapidly developing and is becoming an important element in enhancing the competitiveness of the state,” the university added. 

Their announcement comes as leading Russian universities such as the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the National University of Science and Technology, and the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics launched courses connected to blockchain and digital currencies.

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