Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

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Opening date
21. May 2018

Closing date
13. Aug 2018


At the heart of Ubex’s advertising purchasing algorithms, lie neural networks that process information about each visitor to the member networks’ websites. The neural networks evaluate the interests of users, calculate the likelihood of targeted actions for all advertiser offers, and choose the most suitable advertisement. Thanks to this, member network website visitors see only those ads that are maximally confined to their interests, and which would convince them to fulfill the target action with maximum probability. Thus, Ubex maximizes the targeting of advertising and the economic efficiency for advertisers. Ubex aims to solve the problem of low confidence in the purchase of digital advertising. Smart contracts allow for making the relationship of advertisers and publishers (owners of ad slots on sites) as transparent and fair as possible, as well as minimizing the risks for all parties. By applying such an approach, Ubex allows passage from the traditional pay per click scheme to the model of payment for targeted actions, the most fair and interesting model for advertisers.



Artem Chestnov - CEO & Сo-founder

Daniel Biesuz - Head of Legal & Co-Founder

Dan Gartman - CTO

Andrew Rippon - COO

Kathrin Anthony - Head of Global Sales

Cooz Komei Tokita - Head of Community Relations

Ismail Malik - Advisor

Alberto Maiorana - Strategic Partnerships

Iyke Aru - Community Director Africa

Michael Gord - Technical Advisor

Alex Korobkov - Ir Director

Igor Selivanov - Senior Full-Stack/Blockchain Engineer

Alex Zhmurin - Senior Javascript Engineer

Eugeny Matveev - Full-Stack Engineer

Igor Vatamaniuc - Javascript Front-end Engineer

Sandris Murins - Ubex Community

Jessica Kim - Country manager Korea

Annalise Ho - Country manager China & Hong Kong

Kevin Wong - Marketing Manager in China

Wilson Ho - Community Manager Vietnam

Jack Yang - Asian Market PR

Moo Yong Bang - Ubex Assistant Editor

Quentin Marchand - Editor

Deng Feng - Investment officer

Samah Fahad Alaklabi - Community coordinator Japan

Maki Doering - Communications Specialist

Miranda Ho - Communications Specialist

Nguyen Minh Tri - Ubex Assistant Editor

Manuel Garcia del Arco - Ubex Deputy Editor

Almir Salimov - Ubex BD, Korea

Christian George - Localization Manager DACH

Li Tang - Ubex Associate Editor

Rohit Nair - Content Manager

Jay Xiong - Community manager

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