A 3D/VR open source platform for creation and integration of space and objects, powered by the Blockchain

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Opening date
23. Jan 2018

Closing date
28. Feb 2018


MARK.SPACE is an open source platform for creation of 3D/VR spaces and objects of any purpose, as well as their quick launch and integration into a unique ecosystem. The platform is maintained by a crypto economy and is powered by the Blockchain. MARK.SPACE supports all internet browsers (preferably Chrome) and, at the same time, is compatible with CardBoard, Oculus and HTC Vive. A desktop PC is all that is needed to create a state-of-the-art VR store, office, community or other space for either business or entertainment. The MARK.SPACE universe is made up of a great amount of VR spaces (units), where each unit can be linked directly to its own top-level domain. The private property of units is guaranteed by recording all transactions with units (to create, sell or rent) on the blockchain. All unit owners may buy, sell and/or rent their units to others through use of smart contracts. MARK.SPACE has its own MARK token (MRK), a utility token used as internal currency. The MRK token enables all users to sell and buy VR units and objects, consume various goods and use services, pay salary to their employees and buy ads to promote their businesses through the platform. GPU-miners who will be rendering VR spaces and objects for the platform’s users will also receive rewards in MRK tokens (POW conception).



Yana Kontorovich - CEO & Founder

Evgeni Malkin - Co-founder

Oleg Ershov - Managing Partner

Denis Polulyakhov - Managing Partner

Vladislav Utushkin - Advertiser, Marketer, Analyst, Consultant

Vladimir Shliapin - CTO

Alexander Shtankovsky - Head of Developers

Dmitry Shamov - Official representative in Japan

Dmitry Machikhin - Head of Legal Dept.

Eric Benz - Advisor

Kentaro Harada - Ambassador in Japan

Siruz Faramarz - Head of VR & 3D Department

Roman Zhuravlev - Head of network engineering

Ekaterina Yukhtanova - Head of Designers

Victor Skrynnikov - Website creator. Lead Ux/Ui Designer

Pavel Tretyakov - Director of eCommerce

Malcolm Tan - Legal and Asian market advisor

Dmitry Didenko - Executive Producer

Alexandra Golovina - Communications Expert

Boris Baranov - Editor, Localization, Community Manager

Andrey Sinyakov - Asian Region Community Manager

Andrei Kalashnikov - Communications Manager, Translator

Darya Kolessova - Asian Region Community Manager

Joji Natsui - Asian Region Community Manager

Yaroslav Karpov - Asian Region Community Manager

Daria Churilova - Designer and creator of avatars

Elena Andreeva - Database, Content manager

Alexander Melikhov - Interface designer

Boris Lazarev - Front-end developer

Ekaterina Soloveva - Senior lawyer

Maria Moscateli - European region community manager

Ilya Khokhryakov - Professional photographer

Olga Sorokodumova - b2b Partnerships manager

David Gutierrez - Community manager

Maria Ermakova - Designer

Anton Bugaev - CRM-manager

Eric Benz - Advisor

Sam Lee - Advisor

Reuben Godfrey - Advisor

Malcolm Tan - Advisor

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