ICOs Launching Soon

20. Nov 2018

World Fastest Hybrid Exchange for Emerging Markets

02. Jan 2019

Multi-party democratized derivatives

27. Oct 2018

Get Paid To Play

15. Oct 2018

A User Friendly Cryptocurrency EXCHANGE with the world’s first member-rating system and the big distribution of profit, etc.

25. Sep 2018

Car Sharing Peer-to-Peer platform, Beneficial to both consumers and suppliers of car sharing

01. Nov 2018

W12 is an open protocol for the creation of DAOs. The protocol consists of smart contract templates (no programming skills required), DAO governance and a decentralized oracles network that controls execution of the project roadmap and milestones.

15. Sep 2018

The only decentralized identity and compliance ecosystem that puts people in control of their protected personal information

15. Oct 2018

CoVEX is all in one digital platform

04. Aug 2018

A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize ADs in Games, Secured Through Blockchain Technology

01. Aug 2018

YourBlock making it secure and rewarding for consumers to store and manage the data they use to manage their daily lives

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