Past ICOs

30. Apr 2019

Mining As A Service

15. Dec 2018

P2P crypto marketplace with unlimited payment methods

10. Nov 2018

lncentivized, Blockchain Based, Open Gaming Platform

18. Oct 2019

Experimental “Proof of Transaction” Crypto Currency – fast, fair and secure

20. Dec 2018

World Fastest Hybrid Exchange for Emerging Markets

09. Mar 2019

Multi-party democratized derivatives

07. Nov 2018

Get Paid To Play

15. Oct 2018

AI-powered blockchain accounting

15. Nov 2018

A User Friendly Cryptocurrency EXCHANGE with the world’s first member-rating system and the big distribution of profit, etc.

26. Dec 2018

Car Sharing Peer-to-Peer platform, Beneficial to both consumers and suppliers of car sharing

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